Glass balustrades


Our offer

We offer glass balustrades that will function as elements supporting stair railings, as well as safety barriers on the balcony or terrace. For several years of our activity, we have completed hundreds of orders for customers from all over Poland. We will also be happy to prepare a project tailored to your needs and budget.

We will install in your home or company:

  • elegant balustrades in frameless systems;
  • more classic balustrades, using wood;
  • modernist, with black or stainless steel elements.

In our projects we use, among others:

  • point mountings;
  • glass adapters;
  • cassettes.

What is worth knowing about our services and products?

Beautiful design

We can design and then install glass balustrades for you, which will be not only a functional but also an interesting complement to the interior. Glass perfectly highlights the modern style of your home, office or shop.

The use of this material makes the balustrades characterized by excellent transparency, thanks to which you will obtain a light and aesthetic structure. Glass is also practical - it is easy to clean and retains its value even many years after installation.

Quality and safety

Glass balustrades are mainly used to protect against falls from heights, which is why our structures have the latest safety certificates and can withstand loads of up to 3.0 kN/m. We replaced ordinary glass, which is a fragile material, with laminated glass consisting of two thick tempered glass panes.

Additionally, between the panes used in glass balustrades there is a special PVB foil that connects the two layers without the possibility of separating them. This ensures the highest safety of the entire glass balustrade structure. In addition, we guarantee that all materials we use have been tested and confirmed to be compliant with Polish and European regulations and construction industry standards.

Individual design, wide range of balustrade systems and elements

You don't have to worry about the inappropriate size or form of the structure. We are not only project contractors, but also producers. We make glass balustrades from the very beginning, from ordering to installation and delivery of the finished product.

Our designers will prepare a custom-made project for you, adapting it to the needs and requirements of the environment. In difficult installation conditions, we will help you find a solution to the problem. We offer you a variety of panel designs, with particular emphasis on aesthetics, interesting design and safety.

Glass balustrades mounted with square adapters

Are fashionable room design and safety important to you? You've hit IDELANIE . For several years now, Glassio has been fulfilling orders from customers from all over Poland, tailored to their needs and funds!