Glassio Szczecin mirrors

We offer manufacturing and installation of mirrors in Szczecin and the surrounding area. Our products are handmade from scratch, which allows you to choose a custom-made mirror of any size and shape, with the selected type and color of glass.

We will prepare for you an individual order, so that they meet your needs and create a coherent whole with the style of the interior. We offer classic and unique mirrors , with unique designs and unique forms. We undertake particularly difficult and demanding projects that require specialized knowledge and experience.


What kind of custom-made mirror are you looking for?

We produce mirrors of various thicknesses, so you can choose 3, 4, 5 or 6 mm glass. In addition to classic mirrors with natural-colored glass (float), we also offer exclusive mirrors made of discolored glass, called diamond or crystal.

Before ordering a custom-made mirror, please consider the parameters you choose.

Dimensions of mirror formats:

  • 6mm – 3210x6000
  • 5mm – 3210x2550
  • 4mm – 3210x2550

Custom-made mirrors Szczecin

We offer three types of edge treatments:

  • Edge grinding
  • Grinding + polishing the edges
  • Bevel – from 5 to 25 mm

Mirrors are available in various colors, including:

  • Silver (classic)
  • Graphite
  • Blue
  • Green

Mirrors Szczecin - our products

Above-average durability

We make mirrors from materials that are highly resistant to the conditions in various rooms, e.g. bathrooms. The silver layer responsible for image reflection is covered with a special protective layer that protects the delicate coating against moisture and external factors.

Mirrors made to individual order

You can choose not only the color and shape, but also the way the edges are finished. We offer milling (giving an interesting shape), grinding (matte edges) and polishing (perfectly smooth edges). We will prepare and then implement a project that will meet all expectations.

Implementation of original projects and bold visions

Do you think you are dreaming of a mirror that is impossible to make? Please contact us. If you would like to order a custom-made mirror with a sophisticated design, we will be happy to help you prepare and implement such a project. We are limited only by our imagination and technological possibilities, so please send us your idea and vision and we will do our best to create a mirror with a unique and original appearance for you.


Our mirrors are characterized not only by their beauty and precision of workmanship, but also by their safety. The edges are smooth and do not have sharp ends, so they do not pose a threat. We also make safe mirrors, glued with a special foil that, in the event of damage to the mirror pane, will keep the broken pieces of glass in place. The foil is transparent, so it does not affect the aesthetics in any way, but it increases durability and safety of use.

Matching the style and interior furnishings

The mirrors we offer can be prepared for individual interior arrangements. Drill holes for mounting lamps, cables, dryers, make cutouts, e.g. for washbasins. A mirror is not only a practical object in which you can see your reflection. It is also an amazing tool used in interior design, shaping the character of rooms, giving a unique and individual style to bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

Mirrors can completely change the appearance of your house or apartment, optically enlarge the room, emphasize the color and form of decorations and accessories.

Installation of mirrors while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards

As a company offering professional mirror installation in Szczecin, we guarantee not only experience and precision of workmanship, but also the use of appropriate tools, specialized, durable adhesives and mirror tapes. By using appropriate materials, we guarantee that the mirror will not fall, discolor or be covered with rusty spots on the bottom, visible on the external mirror coating.

Our work is carried out precisely, using modern technologies, good quality tools and proven products. We use specialized LAMKA adhesives to assemble mirrors. Adhesives are not only durable, strong and flexible, but also do not cause discoloration or stains and prevent cracks when building structural elements settle.

Sale of complementary products and accessories

Our offer also includes specialized LAKMA mirror glue:

  • Mirror glue 310 mm – PLN 30 gross
  • Mirror glue 600 ml - PLN 50 gross

Silicone mirror glue

Technical card

In addition, we also offer the production of doors, buildings, floors and other glass structures, thanks to which the ordered mirror will be stylistically consistent with other interior finishing and furnishing elements.

Safe installation of mirrors in Szczecin

Mirrors can be glued directly to the prepared wall (it should be primed, dust-free and clean), using specialized mirror glue, mirror tape, or glued into a recess made of tiles or other materials.

When measuring the mirror, you should take into account expansion gaps that range from 1 to several millimeters. They result mainly from the quality of the so-called tiles made. maintaining the verticals and levels of the tiles.

How to install a mirror correctly?

Maintaining gaps between the mirror and the tiles is necessary to maintain the distance between the mirror and the tiles. Such spacing prevents the mirror from coming into contact with, for example, tiles - which in turn prevents the mirror from breaking during operation of the wall or building. This is particularly important in new buildings where spontaneous settlement occurs.

Grouting or grouting the space between the mirror and the tangent can only take place 72 hours after installing the mirror, because the mirror glue dries by absorbing moisture from the air and closing the gaps earlier may slow it down or even make it impossible. Closing the gaps after 72 hours is essential because it is the best method to prevent a constant flow of water vapor (moisture in the air) to the bottom of the mirror, which in turn may cause corrosion of the mirror.