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We associate the West Pomeranian Voivodeship with the sea, forests and pleasant views. Among these natural attractions is the incredibly charming town of Goleniów. It is an extremely pleasant town, located near popular tourist destinations such as Szczecin and Świnoujście , and abounds in a fairly large number of modern and very comfortable architectural solutions in the form of practical additions.

One of the perfect examples that work phenomenally well are glass canopies located in the form of roofs over numerous entrances to commercial facilities. Glass roofs can be used, among others, over the entrances to restaurants that are perfectly prepared for the arrival of tourists. Of course, apart from this type of facilities, canopies are also mounted over the entrances to public facilities and many other types.

This solution also works incredibly well when used at the entrance to single-family houses in the form of an eaves protecting glass doors from entering the buildings.

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This city is rich in terms of tourism and is definitely worth visiting if you are in the immediate or even slightly further area. The city itself remembers medieval times, as evidenced by the defensive walls surrounding it.

The Avenue of Legends reminds us of the local folklore, which is an interesting attraction. Walking here, we can read about local legends on the surrounding walls and monuments. Here and there we will be able to see glass balustrades discreetly integrated into the whole, ensuring safety during family walks. The addition does nothing to destroy the incredibly charming face of this city.

We can also see the spirit of old times when we look at the Wolin Gate. It is a typically medieval building, now housing the Goleniów Cultural Center, which is the local cultural center. Another monument is the church of Saint Catherine, built on the basis of another Romanesque church. Here there is a beautiful altar dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of fishermen and sailors, of whom there is no shortage in this area.

The entire city is located in the vicinity of forests, the Odra and Ina rivers and a lake, giving a lot of scope for tourism, especially active tourism. Nearby, by the lake, there is a center typically used for rest and recreation. This resort is perfectly prepared in almost every respect, ensuring full relaxation. Equipped with modern and perfectly functioning shower cabins and other accessories, it ensures the highest standard of relaxation. The attractive surroundings attract tourists and make many of them come here more and more often, bringing their entire families with them and promoting this place among their close and distant friends.

The presence of nearby forests allows the establishment of various types of ecological clubs dedicated to the protection of the local amazing nature, almost untouched by human hands. If we like active and original recreation, a nearby shooting center will be perfect for us, where we can learn how to use weapons. People who practice sports on a daily basis and those for whom sports are their main hobby can also find fulfillment here. There are many interesting sports facilities in the Goleniów area where we can both relax and stay fit. We can play team games on public fields, go to the gym, and fans of water sports will certainly be delighted with the Water and Recreation Center, where we can swim, go to the sauna, slide or jacuzzi. The Water and Recreation Center is interesting because some of its rooms are equipped with very practical colored Lacobel glass and mirrors, which are perfect for such places.

Glassio Goleniów

Goleniów is an ideal place for a trip for the whole family. Both adults and children will have fun here. Moreover, the city is friendly both for a long-term stay and just for a simple weekend trip. If we are not sure how and where we want to spend our free time in Goleniów, it is worth going to the nearby tourist information, where we will receive information and be offered interesting ways to spend time in this particular town.

There is a detailed list of facilities offering perfectly prepared accommodation rooms. For lovers of architecture and history, it will be important to know that this city was known even in the tenth century. It has a rich history, which is immediately visible. Due to the fact that the city is eagerly visited by tourists, it must have quite an extensive and diversified accommodation base. And in fact: we have many options here as to where we can stay. The most popular ones here are guesthouses and hotels, although it is worth renting a room from local hosts who run agritourism farms to learn more about the history and character of the city. We can eat here in nearby restaurants, choosing between various offers of local restaurants. Goleniów is a place where entire families, single couples and larger groups of various ages go.

This city is visited by many people for various purposes: for a camp, a trip from work, a sightseeing trip or simply to rest away from home in order to relax and gain some distance from the increasingly faster pace of life. If we like and appreciate contact with nature, an important point on the trip map will be the nearby Goleniowska Forest. The local area is dominated by forests, creating a characteristic, green and wild atmosphere of these lands. We can visit the local specially organized landscape reserves, where we can find, for example, a unique, rare specimen of fauna - a white-tailed eagle. If you are interested in collecting, it is worth going to a nearby forest with a large basket or bucket, because the local forests hide a wealth of fruits and, in the right season, also mushrooms. In Goleniów we can both relax peacefully and spend time actively.