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If you have some free time - a holiday or just a weekend - and you want to visit unknown corners of the country, go to Gorzów Wielkopolski! The tourist attractions of this city are incredible, although it seems extremely inconspicuous, it can provide many unique types of entertainment, tourist experiences and certain curiosities, such as practical glass canopies over the entrances to buildings. Interesting and original-looking roofs can be found in this city, both above the entrances to public buildings, typically administrative buildings, restaurants and accommodation, and, of course, single-family houses.

The presence of this type of addition results not only from great aesthetics, but also from the enormous possibilities of protecting doors against atmospheric precipitation. This is especially important when glass doors lead to the premises.

It is worth appreciating Gorzów Wielkopolski and visiting it with your family or friends. Tourism in this city is extremely well organized and operates exceptionally dynamically, providing every tourist who comes to this place with many unforgettable experiences and extremely pleasant memories of their holidays or vacation period spent in this city. The city was built on seven hills, thanks to which it owes its characteristic appearance and rich views of the Warta River and the green, lush forests surrounding the city.

Many things can attract people to Gorzów, including the fact that the city is dynamically developing in terms of culture and art. More and more theaters and art galleries are being created here, vernissages and various festivals are held more and more often, attracting guests from all over Poland. In the local cultural centers and theaters, everyone, both residents and visitors, can feel the culture of Poland and the Gorzów region. Since the city is eagerly visited by tourists, it must have well-organized accommodation facilities. Depending on our requirements and budget, we can choose between various accommodation offers.

Each of them is able to meet even the highest expectations of every tourist visiting this city. Equipping the rooms with interesting design solutions and bathrooms with practical and functional shower cabins guarantees a perfect rest after a long day of sightseeing or active tourism.

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Of course, we can also choose a slightly different solution, for example staying in a dormitory or one of many hotels or guesthouses. Eating out is also not a problem in Gorzów. We have a choice: cafes, fast food or even restaurants, where we can increasingly see original interior finishing with the increasingly popular colored Lacobel glass, which is as practical and easy to clean as mirrors .

In each of them, we will be able to taste both Polish and Italian cuisine, as well as the traditional cuisine of these lands. There is also a vibrant social life in Gorzów. In the evening, we can go to a club or bar, where we will meet local people and have fun, while visiting Gorzów. This city is often called the city of fountains. Indeed, there are many impressive fountains in Gorzów that are worth seeing, if only to have something to remember and tell our friends about when we return home. Famous inhabitants of Gorzów Wielkopolski were honored with monuments that can be found almost everywhere.

Gorzów is a city full of greenery, and its inhabitants love spending time in parks, walking along park alleys, where in some places there are interestingly made glass balustrades . It is the park alleys that are teeming with life in the afternoons, and in the evenings they are an ideal place to relax in peace and quiet, in the bosom of nature. Parks and squares are covered with lush vegetation and it is a great place to spend time there.

Most often, however, tourists are interested in its monuments when visiting a given city. Of course, there is no shortage of them in Gorzów. The oldest church in Gorzów is the Cathedral Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, built in the 18th century. It delights with its architecture and rich decor. The city's original defensive walls, which have survived to this day, also remind us of ancient times. Old Polish architecture is reflected in the appearance of tenement houses, very popular and amazing in this city. One of the most interesting monuments in Gorzów is the railway overpass, which is a monument of great value for the history of Polish and European technology.

However, Gorzów Wielkopolski will appeal not only to history lovers, but also to those who prefer to spend their free time actively, practicing sports. There are trails in the area that will allow visitors to visit Gorzów and the areas close to it, by bike or on foot. By going on such an expedition, we will visit less known corners of the city and appreciate the amazing landscapes of these places, delighting with nature and pure greenery of forests and grass. Close contact with nature will certainly allow many people to break away from everyday duties and gain distance from many issues. The soothing sound of trees will certainly have a great effect on our nervous system and calm our emotions.

If we are fans of swimming pool entertainment, we must visit the Słowianka Sports and Rehabilitation Center, which offers many pool-related attractions. Here we can both swim in the sports pool and relax in the recreational area, for example in the jacuzzi. The Słowianka Center offers many programs that will help us feel better in our own bodies, for example slimming water aerobics or biological regeneration treatments that improve our beauty and well-being. Gorzów Wielkopolski is focused on diverse customers. Now we don't have to be afraid that we will be bored when visiting this city. We can choose from tourist offers from many tourist sectors - active tourism, cultural events, visiting monuments. All you need to do is go to the surroundings of Gorzów and get to know the city better.