Glassio Dziwnów

The West Pomeranian Voivodeship is very often visited by tourists, especially by people living in the south of our country who do not have the opportunity to relax by the water in their area. The biggest attraction of this voivodeship is the wide access to our only Baltic Sea. Here, unlike in Gdańsk, we swim and walk by the open sea, not by the bay. It is on these coasts that we can feel the real sea air.

Which cities by the sea are worth recommending? One of the most hospitable and frequently visited towns on the coast is Dziwnów. This city is rather small, with few people living there, but it is incredibly hospitable. In many single-family houses and guesthouses we can find above-average interior furnishings. Glass shower cabins have become one of the norms, thanks to which it is possible to take a bath in the best conditions. Of course, this is not the only luxurious bathroom equipment, in the vast majority of rooms of this type we can also find original-looking mirrors, thanks to which it is possible to check the current condition of the bathroom.

The equipment of every practically functioning bathroom also includes an elegant washbasin and a properly selected faucet that matches the overall decor of the room.

Glass canopies Dziwnów

Apart from the fact that Dziwnów is so small, it may prove to be a valuable advantage for many - not everyone likes crowded cities and prefers to relax in peace and quiet, enjoying a piece of the beach just for themselves. Dziwnów is a typical tourist town, with a pleasant swimming area and a small but thriving seaport. This city is full of attractions for the whole family.

We have a lot of scope for swimming, sailing and practicing various water sports. Moreover, beautiful landscapes and numerous promenades allow for long evening or morning walks.

Dziwnów combines a multitude of tourist attractions with a unique climate, which improves our health while staying in this area. Typical utilitarian facilities located in this city turn out to be perfectly prepared for the arrival of many people. An interesting interior design style plus original equipment of the entrance to the facility with originally designed glass roofs increases the attractiveness of each of these places.

Lacobel as the key to a modern interior

Trips to this area are especially recommended for people who have endocrine problems, because the air in Dziwnów contains a lot of iodine, which has a beneficial effect on the health of people suffering from thyroid problems.

Dziwnów also has a wide range of accommodation options - we can choose between hotels, guesthouses, rooms, summer houses or a camping site. We can choose according to our wallet and personal preferences. Each of these places tempts and attracts visitors to the city with its original interior design, including modern Lacobel glass , which makes many rooms look much more attractive. By deciding to come to this place, every tourist has the opportunity to rest freely and effectively relax.

Glass balustrades with traditional construction

In Dziwnów, you can relax on the beach, lie on a towel and bask in the sun, or spend your time a bit more actively - walking through local parks and forests, which are as beautiful as the sea. During the summer season, there is a lot going on in Dziwnów - festivals and other events are organized in which the whole family can participate. In addition to the sea, an attraction related to water is the Dziwna River, around which many representatives of flora and fauna found nowhere else grow and live.

The area around Dziwnów is an ideal place to meet nature, untouched by human hands. But also in the city itself we can find many attractive places where modern accessories are skillfully combined, such as glass balustrades with traditional buildings. Sports enthusiasts visiting this region will be able to take their bikes with them on holiday and ride a bicycle path, specially designed so that while riding they can admire the most beautiful surrounding views. If we like architectural innovations, we must see the drawbridge in Dziwnów.

Sailing fans will certainly be tempted to take a cruise on the sea on a traditional or stylized ship. All this is fun for both children and their parents - after all, who doesn't like to just swim, bask in the sand and enjoy their free time? For those who need luxuries from time to time, even while on vacation, Dziwnów has a wide offer - after swimming in the sea, we can go to the SPA, visit the sauna or exercise in the gym. Another interesting attraction is the Sports Stars Avenue, which adds additional tourist attractions to the city. During the holidays in Dziwnów, we can visit the Sports Stars Festival, where the greatest celebrities of Polish sport meet.

Glass doors Dziwnów

Thanks to the commune's involvement in tourism, Dziwnów is full of opportunities to actively spend free time. The catering and accommodation offer was also prepared in an exceptionally excellent way. Every tourist visiting this city will easily find some interesting solution that will provide him with an attractive holiday and a pleasant way to spend his free time in this place. Many premises equipped with practical glass doors are happy to invite you to take advantage of their offers.

Water sports, cycling, sailing - in Dziwnów we can do practically anything we dream of. It is an incredibly friendly town where everyone will find something that will interest them. The swimming areas in Dziwnów are well-kept and tourist-friendly. You can admire the sea while walking along the promenade with your family or spending time on the breakwater. Being in Dziwnów, we can admire the charms of a real seaside town and enjoy successful relaxation and peace of this place, so rich in many very attractive tourist attractions.