Glass doors


Many years of experience

For many years, we have been making and installing glass doors , which have great potential when finishing modern residential and public buildings.

Glass doors are a great way to let more light into the interior. By installing them indoors, you provide yourself with a more spacious environment and your home, office or shop acquire a light, modern design.


Glass doors – why is it worth installing them?

When you think about proper and human-friendly interior design, you must first of all remember about the inflow of the right amount of natural light, which makes the room more friendly. Staying in a well-lit interior has a positive impact on a person's psyche, as they have more energy and gain appropriate conditions for work or rest.

Artificial lighting will never replace natural sunlight, so sometimes, in addition to windows, it is also worth considering installing glass doors. This is particularly important in small apartments where less light reaches from outside, and each additional source of beneficial sun is worth its weight in gold.


Glass doors in the Glassio offer

Our offer includes various types of glass doors. We also make models with dimensions and properties to individual order. Just tell us about your needs and we will do our best to meet them.

We offer, among others:

  • Hinged glass doors;
  • With door frame;
  • Without door frame;
  • Sliding glass doors;
  • Railing systems;
  • Systems with a hidden system under the grille (visible grille);
  • cassette systems;
  • Swinging glass doors;
  • Glass doors for saunas.

What will you gain by installing glass doors?

Light access to the room (optical magnification)

This is an unquestionable advantage that distinguishes them from traditional doors; Glass doors are therefore more suitable for use even in small rooms. This does not mean, however, that glass doors are a good choice only for owners of small spaces.

Glass doors will also be a very good choice in larger rooms - they will make the room more spacious and add a touch of modernity.

A modern look that matches any material

When deciding to buy glass doors, you should not worry that they will not harmonize with the other materials used in the arrangement. Glass is a universal material that fits perfectly into any style. Glass doors will look good both in a modern apartment and in an elegant house decorated in wood.


The tempered glass used in our company's glass doors is very durable, and even if it is broken, it shatters into thousands of pieces that do not pose any significant threat to humans.

For this reason , glass doors are a great alternative for families with children who are planning to renovate an apartment or build a house and focus primarily on materials that will be safe for children. The use of tempered glass in glass doors will also be an additional advantage in larger buildings, protecting them against damage.

If you want to check how glass doors will change your interior, ask us for details of the terms of service and installation. We won't let you down!