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Białogard is one of many Polish towns located on the west coast, whose life revolves mainly around our sea and attractions related to it. Although Białogard does not have direct access to the Baltic Sea, it is located very close to it, which also gives it a great advantage over other towns located much further from the coast.

The city in question is medium-sized, but in the summer and holiday season we can meet here an exceptionally large number of tourists from Poland and abroad. It is mainly for them that modernly finished restaurant rooms were prepared, in which, among others, a universal solution guaranteed by modern Lacobel glass was used. The interior design of the hall and hall is in no way inferior to restaurant facilities in much larger cities. We will notice this even when visiting the nearby, slightly larger Kołobrzeg. There are also many different types of entertainment events in Białogard.

Białogard Days are held cyclically every year, hosting stars of the Polish music scene. It is worth visiting the city at this time and combining entertainment with travel. In the old days, this city was mainly associated with barracks. Currently, they have been transformed into public areas, but the spirit of the former inhabitants of Białogard still lingers somewhere in the air, providing an unusual character to this place. The city is full of monuments, mainly churches with a rich past. A cultural curiosity is the Jewish cemetery, thanks to which we can learn a little more about the city's past. Quite a lot of representatives of the Jewish community once lived in this city. It is true that the cemetery was destroyed years ago, but its memory remains. Another interesting fact is that Aleksander Kwaśniewski, a famous politician and former president of our country, was born here. Białogard is surrounded by the Parsęta River.

Białogard eagerly welcomes many tourists coming to its vicinity from various parts of our country. The accommodation base in this city is quite large and extremely diverse. We can either spend the night in one of the cheap rooms in private accommodation offered by local hosts, or rent an elegant room in a hotel with the most modern shower cabins . They are equipped with, among others, a radio and a landline telephone. Naturally, the cabins located in hotel rooms are not a special attraction, but it is worth mentioning them because they are an extremely practical addition contributing to increased relaxation after a day of exploring the city and its immediate surroundings.

The city of Białogard is a cozy place where it is nice and comfortable to live. It is also a friendly town for tourists, especially those who prefer to actively explore the surroundings rather than sitting in bars or on the beach. Tourist trails have been built near Białogard to show visitors some of the nature around the town. Glass balustrades have been placed at some distance on these routes, increasing the safety of movement in particularly sensitive places.

Glass canopies and doors Białogard

Setting off along the bicycle trail, we will see the surrounding villages, the life of the local inhabitants and the extraordinary nature, undisturbed by civilization and excessive exploitation of space. The surroundings of Białogard are primarily lush forests, full of interesting places, reminiscent of illustrations straight from a fairy tale. The city and its inhabitants emphasize their connection with Pomerania. The city's coat of arms includes a griffin, symbolizing the Pomeranian territories. What is the advantage of the local lands?

Lovers of untouched nature will find a perfect place here. Białogard is a city immersed in huge forests, full of interesting species of flora and fauna. Gathering was once practiced here and it is still a popular activity in these areas. Practically everything that the earth produces is collected here - fruit, mushrooms and vegetables. The Parsęta River is full of fish that fishing enthusiasts can catch as much as they want. All you need is to have the appropriate permit and a fishing card with which you can enjoy successful fishing.

To enable tourists to be even closer to nature, campsites have been opened in the city, where visitors from far away can pitch tents or park their caravans. The perfectly prepared campsites also have practical and very spacious glass canopies under which we can sit down to rest and enjoy the fresh breeze.

The natural landscape of the Białogard area is extremely diverse. Here, we can, for example, walk through vast forests, relax on the banks of rivers or lakes, visit natural swamps and peat bogs, and admire lush, living vegetation. We will be able to observe the nature of these areas thanks to specially designated viewing points, which offer a view of Białogard and the entire commune. This place attracts many tourists, fascinated by the natural charm of these lands. The commune authorities are trying to make the city as attractive as possible for visitors.

For this purpose, the surrounding rivers and lakes have been developed and many points have been opened where you can rent a kayak or a pedal boat. By practicing water sports, we will spend time actively and visit attractive places in the area. The city authorities also took care of the city's development, attracting the attention of bankers and companies offering work in the hotel, restaurant and catering industry. Thanks to the involvement of the authorities and potential investors, you can see how ugly and long-unrenovated tenement houses are taking on a fresh look. The change applies to facades, roofs, windows and also promotes glass doors that are inserted into public buildings. Changing the appearance of the city to a much friendlier one results in greater and greater interest. This can be seen in the large number of tourists visiting this place practically at any time of the year.