Drawsko Pomorskie

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We may not traditionally associate the West Pomeranian Voivodeship with areas eagerly visited by tourists, but many undiscovered localities there beg to be spent there on holiday or at least a weekend. One of such places worth our attention is undoubtedly Drawsko Pomorskie. Although it is not located by the sea, it is extremely close to the coast. However, there is no shortage of water reservoirs in Drawsko - within the city there is one lake and another one right next to it.

The city itself is cozy and there are many fans of its original architecture. We will find a lot of old buildings here, for example a neo-Romanesque church or houses that are several hundred years old. This proves that life in Drawsko has existed for many hundreds of years and many generations have lived here. Of course, you will also find modern houses and other types of utility buildings characterized by modern workmanship. In a very large number of cases, this can be seen both inside and outside many buildings, especially those with typical utility purposes. These are where modern glass doors are most visible, adding great originality and aesthetic appeal to many premises.

Of course, this is not the only type of addition that influences or can influence the appearance of the object. The interiors of many commercial premises intended for typical tourist purposes also have original interiors. This is most noticeable in restaurant halls and toilets, where extremely practical and very modern Lacobel glass is increasingly used.

The name of the area of this city is the Drawskie Lake District, which resembles Masuria in its climate and appearance. And what's more, it's so close to the sea! The landscape of this region is extremely diverse - there are both hills and vast valleys providing amazing views. However, the most valuable properties of this place are hidden underground. The local soil is very rich in peat, often used in natural medicine and cosmetics.

It is an extremely valuable raw material for which this area is famous. But not only that, due to the fact that many rivers run around Drawsko Pomorskie, it enjoys particularly great interest. Many enthusiasts of active recreation who come to these areas mainly for organized kayaking trips have the opportunity to relax in the bosom of nature. Such entertainment helps to establish unique, very close friendships and to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle.

If we just want to relax, without any sports, just sit somewhere in a nice area, we can go to one of the nearby lakes or those located directly in the city. Lake Okra, where in places it is surrounded by practical glass balustrades securing the entrance to the local beach, which is undoubtedly an incredibly big attraction in Drawsko Pomorskie.

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When looking for a suitable place for a holiday, we can go to these areas without any obstacles, because the Drawska accommodation base is ready to receive a lot of tourists. Holidaymakers can choose between many proposals, according to their preferences, typically individual tastes and the state of their wallet funds. Traditionally, vacationers choose a room in one of the elegant hotels in the area. When looking for the most suitable accommodation, it is also worth considering other options. Accommodation in agritourism is an option especially for families. The agritourism cottages are extremely cozy and have many amenities for children and the elderly.

One of such amenities are shower cabins with a seat inside the cabin. Young people looking for attractive adventures and unusual experiences usually choose accommodation in camping sites, setting up tents there or renting caravans. Staying at a campsite is an interesting experience - we are in the bosom of nature, among other people. New friendships are often made here during bonfires and singing around it until dawn. A great convenience is the glass canopies in these places, which provide shelter from the rain. Holidaymakers staying in Drawsko Pomorskie usually spend time at one of the swimming areas. The local beaches are not crowded, so you can feel extremely comfortable and private there, having a large amount of free space at your disposal, which increases the pleasure of your vacation.

If we are passionate about animals and horse riding, we will feel perfect here! There is a riding club in Drawsko Pomorskie, where we can learn to ride a horse. This is perfect entertainment for the whole family. Lovers of themed games and unusual entertainment will find themselves in the atmosphere offered by the local paintball center. Thanks to such services, we can spend the day having survival games.

This is a particularly attractive proposition for those who like an adrenaline rush. If we get tired of active tourism, we can go for a quiet walk around Drawsko. There are many trails around the city that will allow us to explore the area around this place. It is best to visit Drawsko during the season. Nice weather favors outdoor fun, which is why during the holidays a lot of thematic events are organized here - concerts, folklore festivals and typical entertainment events.

The local cultural center organizes all festivals, ensuring that the city is attractive during the season, also for those tourists who focus on personal development. Of course, Drawsko Pomorskie attracts tourists mainly with its lush nature, but it is also worth paying attention to the city itself. It is true that at first glance it may seem that this place is a bit monotonous, which is a very misleading observation. Drawsko Pomorskie and its surroundings are a place full of many different attractions that are definitely worth seeing and getting to know better.