Western Pomerania is full of an exceptionally large number of really interesting cities, towns and villages, with a rich history and interesting architecture skillfully combined with modern and very practical accessories, such as glass canopies .

These are specific types of accessories located above the entrance doors to many different types of commercial facilities. Their main role, contributing to their increasing use, is, of course, excellent protection against atmospheric precipitation occurring in our country. These canopies protect the entrance glass doors against rain and snow to an equal extent. They are perfect for single-family and metropolitan buildings.

Stargard is one of those cities that has existed in these lands for many, many years, and practically speaking, it can boast of the status of one of the oldest ancient strongholds built in these lands. It is worth mentioning that people settled here already around the eighth century!

The characteristic architecture allowed the city to join the European Brick Gothic Route. This is a distinction for Stargard and appreciation of its interesting architecture, which is why it is eagerly visited by increasing numbers of domestic tourists and those coming to Poland from abroad. This city is particularly popular among tourists from Germany, who are often among those passionate about Poland's architectural past. The city's surroundings are mainly plains and lowlands, as well as large, clear lakes, surrounded by equally impressive forests. The city itself is surrounded by the Goleniowska Forest. Lovers of contact with nature will appreciate the nearby Iński National Park, full of interesting specimens of flora and fauna.

Glassio - Stargard glass balustrades

The monuments located in Stargard remind us what people once lived here, what they did and what their lives were like. For many people, coming to this place allows them to learn more about the culture of this region. Here we can find many villas and palaces that once belonged to local aristocrats. The memory of the former inhabitants of Stargard is preserved in the nearby lapidary. Currently, the city is developing incredibly dynamically in terms of economy and tourism, and the Stargard authorities make sure that the city is included in various European and national projects, allowing for its rapid and resident- and tourist-friendly development in many different categories.

The concern for the use of practical and new terrace protection, such as original-looking glass balustrades , is largely visible. Currently, the city takes care of its monuments and makes them more attractive to attract as many tourists as possible. Similarly, with the nearby forests - many innovations are being created to attract more and more tourists to Stargard, both from Poland and from all over Europe. However, it is also worth mentioning the cultural and entertainment part of the city. In Stargard there is the Stargard Cultural Center, which brings together dance schools, choirs, music bands and theater groups. Thanks to such a multitude of cultural representatives, many cultural, theatrical and musical events are organized in Stargard.

Literature fans will also find their place here. There is the Stargard Library here, where there is a huge literary database, both in physical and electronic form. Many book-related events are also organized here, attracting a lot of tourists. The same applies to the Archaeological and Historical Museum, which has exhibits from the local area, which are a real attraction for archeology enthusiasts. The best quality Lacobel glass and mirror are used to protect the showcases, which contain many exceptionally interesting exhibits. Young people here can find fulfillment in the nearby Cultural Center, which also organizes many interesting events related to culture and entertainment. It is worth mentioning that the fifteenth meridian runs through Stargard, as the monument reminds us of. This is a curiosity that may be of interest to geography enthusiasts.

Stargard - Glass doors of the highest quality

Stargard is a city that, in addition to its interesting history and rich cultural life, attracts tourists with a multitude of sports activities. Here you will find rope parks, sports fields, swimming pools, bowling alleys and beauty salons available to everyone, with original equipment, perfectly prepared for the potential user, and quite interesting looking, exceptionally modern and very practical glass doors . All such facilities will probably appeal to enthusiasts of particular branches of sport, and those who do not practice sports on a daily basis can try new things here and try their hand at many different categories.

Active tourism is an extremely popular solution for spending free time. For many people, this is certainly a very important tourism sector in this region. Exploring the area by bike or on foot is particularly popular here. Cycling and walking routes are arranged so that we can visit the most interesting nearby points and see beautiful, charming landscapes around Stargard. When we decide to walk or cycle, we can be sure that we will be able to reach many very attractive places in this region. If we are looking for something new, it is worth visiting nearby stud farms, where we can learn horse riding and learn something about breeding these beautiful animals. The abundance of nearby lakes attracts anglers who can catch some really interesting specimens here.

In Stargard we can relax and do something interesting at the same time. This type of rest will certainly appeal to many people looking for peace and respite from everyday struggles. The surroundings of Stargard allow for many opportunities - cycling and hiking, visiting monuments, fishing and many, many other activities. It is worth going here for a holiday or at least a weekend to appreciate the local values.