Glassio Szczecin - glass structures

Any time of the year is good to get to know Szczecin up close. If you haven't had the opportunity to check out what the city has to offer, it's high time to catch up. Szczecin, located in the north-west of Poland, is a port and shipyard city, and at the same time serves as the capital of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. At the same time, it is one of the richest and most interesting cities in the country. Every year it is visited by tens of thousands of tourists - not only from Poland, but also from European and Asian countries. What attracts these people to Szczecin? First of all, it has a rich history, excellently preserved monuments, as well as great respect for tourists and offering them numerous amenities that make their stay even more comfortable, interesting and safer.

Arrival in Szczecin. The easiest way to get to Szczecin is by car. There are comfortable, recently renovated two-lane roads leading here. Numerous gas stations, parking lots and restaurants are located along them. Another way to get to Szczecin is by train. The city is very well connected with other parts of the country by a network of railway tracks. When you leave the renovated railway station building and the glass doors of the building close behind you, you will be able to direct your steps in one of the following directions: taxi rank or bus stop. Lines depart from it in all directions of the city, allowing for efficient access to each district. Depending on where your hotel is located, you will be able to reach it by bus or tram. Modern public transport is one of Szczecin's greatest advantages. Lacobel tinted windows , air conditioning, but also low ticket prices - each of these things encourages you to choose this form of transport that allows you to avoid the problem of standing in traffic jams.

While walking around the city, you may notice numerous glass doors and glass roofs of various sizes and shapes above them. What's behind this door? It is very likely that you will be passing by one of many restaurants or pubs in Szczecin. They invite customers to taste delicious dishes of Polish and foreign cuisine, while offering a large selection of local and imported drinks. Prices, as befits a European city, are adjusted to the possibilities of all groups of tourists. We will therefore be able to dine in comfortable places offering quick meals, where colorful Lacobel glass dominates the walls, as well as elegant restaurants located in historic terraces, offering guests the opportunity to choose a table on large terraces, which are usually surrounded by transparent glass balustrades . It is from these places that the most beautiful and extensive panorama of the city can be admired, with shipyard cranes visible in the background.

Places that are certainly worth seeing are Szczecin's Venice. It is a complex of historic factory buildings, separated by a network of canals on which you can sail by kayak. The undoubted attractiveness of this place is additionally supported by its favorable location, just a few dozen meters from the main railway station. What else is worth seeing when visiting Szczecin? You can look for tips in a huge number of guides, offering descriptions of the most interesting places in the city. However, we encourage you to explore Szczecin on your own and visit every place that seems interesting to you. It could be a restaurant or a museum where you could see part of the exhibition through the glass doors , or it could be one of the historic tenement houses where small balconies protrude rakishly from the façade. We also encourage you to visit at least one of several theaters and galleries. They arouse admiration not only for their interesting exhibitions, but equally impressive are the large, custom-made mirrors that can be seen on the walls of these facilities.

Accommodation will be an integral part of visiting Szczecin. Here you can have at your disposal a very large selection of facilities of various standards. However, regardless of the number of stars and the price per night, each hotel in Szczecin offers a certain basic range of equipment. These are primarily individual bathrooms for each room, equipped with shower cabins or bathtubs. You can also look for accommodation in a very rich database of private accommodation and apartments. This is especially beneficial during a longer stay in the city. Such apartments are usually equipped with kitchens or kitchenettes where you can easily and conveniently prepare meals. These places are usually very interestingly and stylishly arranged. Lacobel glass on the walls, glass doors lead to the balcony, and the overall luxurious look is provided by glass balustrades , further improving safety.

Mirrors Szczecin

Mirrors in everyday use

Humanity has known mirrors for centuries. From the very beginning of their existence, they aroused interest, admiration and desire, and also performed very important defense and military functions. Today, the importance of mirrors has not diminished at all. It is probably difficult for each of us to imagine normal functioning without the use of luthers. Mirrors can be ordered today in many forms, shapes and sizes. Ready-made mirrors available in stores allow for quick installation. However, if we are looking for something unique, custom-made mirrors will come to our aid. We present some popular applications for this type of mirrors.

Custom mirrors for your home

If you're wondering if there's room for large, custom-made mirrors in your home , we have good news. There are many such places and they are not limited to the bathroom. Yes, custom-made mirrors look great on the walls of this room. However, there are many other places where mirrors will look equally spectacular, positively affecting the image of the entire apartment. The first of these places is the corridor or hall.

Hall – a room used for communication, most often found in homes. In apartments, the hall is replaced with a hall. It is worth considering installing mirrors in each of these places. Why? Because they optically enlarge these places, adding space to them and making them appear larger. Mirrors are often used to eliminate the feeling of clusterophobia in rooms, especially in small apartments in blocks of flats. By combining mirrors with light colors, we can achieve even better effects. Adding a few light points above the mirrors will also help you achieve a very interesting result, thanks to which we will feel comfortable when entering our apartment or house.

Bedroom – there are no taboo topics. Custom-made mirrors are a great, proven and, above all, effective way to add some spice to your relationship. There are many different places where mirrors can appear in the bedroom. Most often, however, they are installed on ceilings. Is it safe? If you follow the recommended assembly techniques, yes, yes. At your request, we are able to make special custom-made mirrors, adapted for installation in a horizontal position under the ceiling. They can be equipped with a special aluminum frame on the bottom, which not only makes the installation of the mirror easier, but also ensures greater durability and gives a high sense of security.

Wardrobe – do you have a real wardrobe in your house? Is it a large room where you can test your clothes and create original compositions? If so, you surely know that for your comfort you cannot do without a mirror. And not just one. Gardr=eroba is a great place to have custom-made mirrors, at least a few pieces. One mirror should be permanently attached to the wall. Its height should be equal to the height of a person, so that you can see your full reflection in it. If conditions allow, it is worth placing the second mirror on the opposite wall. All this so that you can see your reflection from behind in each mirror. This is important because this way you can evaluate the effects of combining different clothes without having to painfully crane your neck backwards. If the dressing room has only one free wall on which a custom-made mirror can be mounted, we recommend a different solution. It will be a custom-made adjustable mirror, mounted to a steel structure equipped with swivel wheels. Such a mirror can be conveniently and effortlessly moved from place to place and set at any angle.

Custom-made mirrors for your company

Mirrors are also elegant equipment for company interiors. They look especially good in waiting rooms. Large wall surfaces with custom-made mirrors will make a stunning impression on everyone. We can further deepen this effect if, at certain intervals, we replace classic mirrors with convex or concave mirrors, which may slightly deform the image. Of course, this solution will only be suitable for selected companies. We recommend using it in the waiting rooms of dental offices as a really effective way to reduce stress in patients waiting for an appointment.

Shops are also places where mirrors will fulfill their role with dignity. The first advantage of having a large number of mirrors in the store is the easier presentation of products that seem to be in much larger quantities than they actually are. This may encourage many customers to come into the store and explore the products in more detail. Another advantage of having custom-made mirrors in the store, especially if they are placed in carefully planned places, is more accurate control of what is happening in the store. The image reflected in the mirrors allows employees to discreetly and unnoticed observe people who cause concern and suspicion that they may commit theft.