French balconies


French balconies are installed where there is no space for traditional balconies. They are perfect for buildings where you need to illuminate the interior and emphasize the style of the facade. French balconies have the advantage of being light and aesthetic, and they are sophisticated decorative elements.

A professionally made balcony railing will emphasize the elegant appearance of the facility and provide additional safety. That's why we invite you to use Glassio's services. We have been making French balconies made of glass and stainless steel for many years. We know perfectly well what solutions work in specific facilities. We deal not only with production and assembly, but also with advising customers who are not sure what to choose.



Although at first glance glass seems to be a fragile material, the glass balustrades we make are very durable and resistant to cracking. Glass has the advantage of being transparent, so even full construction does not limit the pleasure of enjoying beautiful views.

The pressure exerted on the balcony during everyday use cannot weaken the entire structure or damage the glass. French balustrades are therefore completely safe. You can safely use this design solution if you plan to use the balustrade only as a decorative element or if you plan to play with your child or relax on the balcony.


French balconies for modern and traditional buildings

It is difficult to find more universal, long-lasting materials than glass and steel. Thanks to their use, balconies fit into all buildings, both contemporary ones, those from the last century and even older ones. In each case, they emphasize their appearance and give the structure lightness.

You can decide to install a glass balcony in your home, office or hotel. You are only limited by your imagination and installation conditions.

French balconies - A popular solution in interior design

The most popular among our customers are French balconies made of glass panels and finished with metal elements. A balcony made this way not only looks aesthetic, but is also durable and easy to keep clean.

How do you benefit by choosing our French balconies

Safe use

We care about the safety of materials and professional installation, so your French balcony will not only be a decoration, but also a functional design element.

A company with experience

Thanks to the experience we have gained in the implementation of many previous projects, you can be sure that you are entrusting your balcony to a professional company. We have been making all types of balcony railings for years. Our clients are both owners of large facilities and private individuals for whom we implement projects for various applications.

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We have experience in carrying out the most complex works, so you can entrust us with the construction of a French balcony in your house or apartment with a clear conscience.

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