Glass floors


Glass floors and glass stairs – the latest trends in construction

Design is increasingly moving away from heavy interior finishing elements. We want our rooms to be dominated by light and transparent structures and large glazing opening a view of the surrounding landscapes. This is why one of the favorite materials used in the interior design of rooms and buildings is glass. Today, it can be used to make not only doors and windows, but also floors and stairs.

We make this possible because we manufacture floors and stairs made entirely of glass. In modern architecture, glass is number one because it provides numerous benefits. It makes the rooms delight with their transparency, lightness and class, and at the same time they are functional and easy to keep clean. Contrary to appearances, glass is also an extremely durable material, especially if, like us, we use specially reinforced panes.


What kind of glass do we use to make stairs and floors?

Both floors and stairs are made of at least three single glass panes connected with PVB foils. In this way, glass becomes a durable structural element. Due to the direct contact of the top layer of the laminate with external factors, it is made of tempered glass covered with a print or anti-slip coating.

Tempered glass guarantees resistance to damage, and the anti-slip coating ensures safety of use. The thickness and structure of the laminate is variable and depends on its use, dimensions and support points.

Benefits of using glass floors and stairs in buildings

Glass floors and glass stairs are not a common standard, so in the building where they appear, they are usually the greatest advantage of the interior design. Thanks to them, the facility is perceived as unique and prestigious. The wide use of glass creates the opportunity to create something original in all types of objects.

It's up to you what kind of decor you want to highlight the glass floors and stairs . In the construction of these elements, at individual request, we use different colors of glass and PVB foil, thanks to which interior arrangements are practically unlimited.

Glass floors and glass stairs increase the prestige of the facility

Our clients include owners of hotels, restaurants and museums who want to emphasize the prestigious character of the place. Glass floors and stairs fit perfectly into any interior design and give them a unique character. They surprise guests and at the same time allow you to achieve the effect of clean, spacious rooms.

Glass structural elements are also installed on pedestrian bridges and, of course, in private homes, where glass floors always make a great impression.

When choosing Glassio glass floors and glass stairs, you choose:

Production quality

Each of our floors and stairs consists of at least three layers of glass, which are additionally provided with an anti-slip coating. Combined with professional installation, you gain a guarantee of durability and satisfaction with the product, as many of our customers have already experienced.

Affordable price

Thanks to the fact that the designs are made to individual order, you will receive a product that will be fully adapted to your expectations, both in terms of quality and price.

Fast implementation time

We will install your stairs or glass floor immediately after the project is completed, and you will be able to start using them quickly.

If you want to surprise your clients, guests and friends with beautiful, modern interiors, glass stairs and floors will certainly help you with this. Please contact us to arrange a free quote for your order.