Departure to Police Glassio

When going on holiday, a vacation or a regular weekend trip, it is worth considering not only the most frequently chosen tourist locations in our country, but also those that may be slightly less popular, but no less equally interesting. Police is undoubtedly one of the most interesting tourist towns with a unique charm of buildings and practical glass canopies . The local area offers many different opportunities, both for locals and visitors. This inconspicuous town delights with its cultural, entertainment and unique nature.

It is in these areas, in the nearby forests, that we can meet rare species of many different types of animals, for example the famous, colorful kingfisher, which leads an interesting lifestyle, interesting both to ornithologists and ordinary people who value above all the values of nature and the charm of the natural environment. The Szczecin Lagoon, next to which Police is located, certainly offers us many opportunities in this regard. Fans of active tourism will probably especially like it - we can sail on these waters, feeling the sea and the unique atmosphere of the local area. The surrounding forests hide a wealth of both fauna and flora. We can meet many interesting species of plants and animals here. It is worth appreciating some of the so-called "green lungs of Poland".

Here, among the forests and by the lake, we can relax as a family or in another group. Depending on our expectations, we can choose between hotels, guesthouses or we can also choose a holiday home. Each of these types of facilities is exceptionally well prepared, offering practical and high-standard shower cabins . In the vast majority of cases, rooms intended for personal hygiene are exceptionally well prepared, offering all visiting tourists the highest standard and many modern solutions. One of them will certainly be colored Lacobel glass, which is often used not only in hotel bathrooms, but also in the main hall and in the corridors of many such utility facilities in a similar way to a mirror .

Police is a city focused primarily on tourists visiting it in increasing numbers each year. Here we can stop, arrange accommodation and eat well in a well-prepared restaurant. Virtually each of these types of establishments offers extremely tasty and perfectly prepared regional cuisine at a satisfactory price. Of course, for an appropriate fee, we can order our favorite dish without any major problems. However, once you are here, it is worth trying regional dishes, if only to have something to remember in the future when you return to your place of residence. When visiting a restaurant, it is also worth paying attention to its original decor and the glass doors leading from the outside to the interior of the premises.

Historic area

It is worth mentioning that Police is a city dating back to the early Middle Ages. People were already settling here, creating settlements and then building churches. They were mainly engaged in gathering and fishing. The area, which consists of large areas of fields and forests, creates good conditions for field trips. This type of active form of sightseeing is becoming increasingly popular with many people coming from large urban agglomerations. We can explore the Police area both on foot and by bike, getting to know the commune and admiring the amazing green landscapes. If we want to explore the area in a more unusual way, it is also possible. All you need to do is rent a kayak and relax during a kayaking trip on the river. For people who like contact with animals, it is worth mentioning that in the immediate vicinity there is also a stud farm, which is an attraction for professionals and amateurs.

Police and the surrounding area are a friendly place for all tourists coming here, regardless of their group and age. Each of these people will find something exceptionally attractive for themselves here. Other equally interesting attractions related to the local forests and animals are offered by the forest district located nearby. By visiting the Forest District building and the forests with a guide, we can learn many interesting things about this area, namely the Zielona Commune, as the area around Police is called. The inhabitants of these areas can boast that the Wkrzańska Forest is located here, a treat for nature lovers, especially those passionate about ornithology. You can meet species here such as the white-tailed eagle, honey buzzard, crane and buzzard. A similar abundance of birds can be seen in the nearby reserve located on Lake Świdwie.

There are plenty of lakes in the area where you can relax and practice water sports - kayaking, pedal boating, boating... These lakes also hide many species of fish, so it's worth going to Police with a fishing rod. The city's rich history has left behind mementos in the form of interesting monuments. One of them is St. Mary's Church, built in the neo-Gothic style, which is the most interesting and beautiful point on the map of Police. The city can also boast a unique Lapidarium, which is a museum-like complex whose exhibits include parts of former German cemetery monuments. The ruins of an old factory where synthetic gasoline was produced remind us of the times of great industry in these areas. There are also many other churches in the Police area that are worth visiting due to their rich history and interesting architecture typical of the region. It is worth staying in Police, in a guesthouse or summer house, and visiting this characteristic area, which is the embodiment of the spirit of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The local forests have not changed for centuries, as have some of the buildings. In Police, we can learn about the history of both people and nature, as well as interesting architectural solutions, such as very practical glass balustrades located in selected places in the city.