Glass structures in Dziwnówek

Despite the fact that Dziwnówek is a rather small town, it is an extremely charming place with very practical glass canopies over the entrances or places intended for meetings and rest. Its unique location means that everyone will certainly find something in it. something for everyone in this place. On the one hand, we are surrounded by a real, open sea, and nearby there are calm, picturesque lakes. The area around Dziwnówek is one of the extremely charming and peaceful regions providing excellent rest and relaxation. It is true that it is not a typical tourist place, but during the typical tourist and holiday season we can find here mainly regular visitors who want to relax in an intimate, perhaps more private place.

Depending on our mood on a given day and the weather conditions, we can spend the day basking in the sandy beach or explore the green surroundings of the village. The beach in Dziwnówek is exceptionally well-groomed and perfectly maintained. It is a place very eagerly visited by tourists coming to these areas, but it is not overpopulated like other beaches on our Polish seaside. If we feel like it, we can go for a walk on the beach and visit one of the nearby towns. If we get tired or it starts to rain, we can look for a seating area equipped with benches and practical glass balustrades that protect against falling or sliding and allow for a peaceful and safe rest. Of course, it is much better to go to a fish fry or another type of small catering facility.

We can also visit and take a closer look at Zalew Kamieński, which is also a peaceful and quiet place. Fishing enthusiasts are especially welcome in this area. The waters of the reservoir are full of valuable fish species that taste as good here as anywhere else. The areas of Western Pomerania are not yet explored and known very thoroughly by numerous tourists. It is worth checking for yourself whether you can have a good rest here, have a nice time and indulge in the blissful relaxation of your body, mind and spirit.

The main attraction in the area are the old fishing huts and generally everything related to fishing. The entire local population used to make their living at sea, and to this day a large part of Dziwnówek's inhabitants, cultivating old traditions, go fishing every day on their fishing boats. This is an extraordinary advantage for the local gastronomy - we have no problem finding fresh fish at a low and extremely attractive price. While in this place, it is worth sitting down at one of the nearby fish fryers and enjoying the unique taste of the sea delicacy and the fresh sea breeze. In the interior of a modern and well-maintained restaurant, we can find an interesting design addition, such as Lacobel glass .

If we like active tourism, we can choose to go hiking or cycling. There are attractive tourist trails running through Dziwnówek. One of them is intended to show us the charms of the most beautiful seaside towns. From Dziwnówek, this trail runs through Międzyzdroje and Wolin, and ends in Świnoujście. Another interesting way to spend the day is to visit a nearby horse farm. Advanced riders will have the opportunity to rent a horse, and those who have not yet started their horse riding adventure can use the services of an instructor. Visiting such a stud farm is an interesting attraction for the whole family. It has been well known for some time that spending some time around horses has healing properties. Walking around the center of Dziwnówek, we will notice an extremely original-looking lighthouse. Although it is not real, it refers to the nautical style and is an interesting attraction.

Curiosities from Dziwnówek

The town of Dziwnówek once had the status of a health resort. Now it is also an ideal place to rest for those who spend all day amid the smog and smoke of the big city. The presence of the iodine-saturated sea and green, lush forests will certainly improve our well-being and health. The fresh air and quiet surroundings are conducive to relaxation and are an ideal place for a longer holiday, or a simple weekend trip with family or the company of your closest friends.

In Dziwnówek you will find plenty of accommodation, tailored to our needs and budget, ensuring a high standard of equipment, which can be seen by taking a look at the bathrooms and seeing what shower cabins they contain. If we like contact with nature, it is worth spending time on nearby agritourism. There we will be able to combine an overnight stay with trying regional cuisine, playing with animals or horse riding. We can also choose a room in a household or a well-prepared hotel. Its high level is visible already at the entrance to the facility, where there are modern and very functional glass doors. For adventure lovers, the ideal place to stay overnight will be a camping site, where you can spend the night in a tent or in your own or rented caravan.

Those who love relaxation among luxury will also find a suitable accommodation in Dziwnówek. Here we can take advantage of rehabilitation and relaxation treatments, and ladies will be happy to undergo manicures or other aesthetic treatments. The wellness center in Dziwnówek operates dynamically and with full professionalism. It is worth allowing yourself a bit of luxury in this peaceful and quiet place, perfect for relaxing by the seaside waves. Seaside resorts such as Dziwnówek attract people who like the calm sea and want to get away from everyday duties. This inconspicuous fishing town has a lot to offer to visiting tourists. This affects their satisfaction and the friendly attitude of locals and people visiting this region.