Glass structures Międzyzdroje Glassio

Międzyzdroje is a city in the north-western part of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Located on the island of Wolin on the Baltic Sea. Its picturesque location and rich tradition make it the summer capital of our voivodeship, but not everyone knows that it has been at the forefront for 150 years!

Spacious houses and hotels among the trees, the seaside promenade where, unlike anywhere else, you can observe millions of stars during evening walks, create a unique atmosphere. The city is located between a wide beach with a cliff coast and the forests of the Wolin National Park, which delights with its fauna and flora. The clean waters of the Pomeranian Bay, the appropriate healing microclimate, wild nature and beautiful landscape are an attraction for thousands of people coming to Międzyzdroje every year.

Such an amazing resort as Świnoujście undoubtedly deserves a unique hotel base, and therefore appropriate sanitary conditions with increased comfort. While conducting a survey on the comfort of hotel rooms, we noticed a very interesting trend among foreign guests visiting Międzyzdroje. More and more hotels and private accommodations decide to install shower cabins in their rooms.

Shower cabins have advantages that could be discussed for hours. However, in this short entry I will try to present just a few of the amenities that shower cabins feature.

One of the most popular is the hydromassage panel. A standing massage is often more effective than one that can be done, for example, in a bathtub. Better results are achieved because the stream hits the body straight, and while standing in the shower cabin, you can expose sore spots more precisely under the stream of warm and soothing water.

Another very important element that pleases us with shower cabins is water saving. Operating costs, especially when using a shower cabin frequently, should be the basic decision-making factor in this matter. At current water prices, water consumption in a bathtub is twice as high as in a shower.

In the next paragraph, I will try to debunk the myth that a shower cabin is only for a quick standing shower and does not have a relaxing function. As I mentioned earlier, better shower cabins are equipped with hydromassage. Their additional advantage is the seat, which can be adapted to the customer's needs. So when we come back after a hard day at work, we can easily relax in the shower just like we would while lounging in the bathtub.

The design provided by our hosts plays an important role in hotel rooms and private accommodation. Most guests agree on one thing. There is no more exclusive way to improve the appearance of your bathroom than a glass shower cabin. It creates the impression of complete sophistication and the extraordinary taste of the interior designer. Together with, for example, Lacobel glass or the convenience of glass balustrades, they can ensure that guests will not forget their stay at the hotel so easily.