Glassio Świnoujście

During the next entry on my blog, I would like to share an amazing thing that I recently noticed during my stay in Świnoujście. While doing business there and spending time with friends, I noticed that people in this beautiful town began to arrange the interiors of their homes and commercial spaces more and more often using broadly understood glass structures. I'm very pleased because it looks amazing. The innovativeness of these forms is at a very high level in Świnoujście. The interiors look impressive and, contrary to appearances, are very safe and functional.

The first structure that impressed me in the buildings in Świnoujście were glass canopies . They look amazing, adding charm to the entrances to restaurants, hotels and ordinary residential houses. Glass canopies not only look great, but are also very safe. The glass in the canopies consists of two panes joined together by a PVB foil, which allows easy disassembly and replacement even if the glass canopy is broken.

Often, along with glass roofs, owners choose glass doors. An incredible advantage of this type of glass construction is its aesthetic value. Glass is a naturally transparent material, so customers who see the interior are encouraged to visit a hotel or restaurant where glass doors are installed. There is also the issue of safety here. The general opinion is that glass is a brittle and unstable material. However, modern technological achievements have made this type of material impossible to penetrate by potential thieves. In some cases, glass even protects against bullets from a rifle or impacts with objects weighing several kilograms. And so glass doors, which are increasingly trusted and becoming popular in Świnoujście.

Another element that I noticed in my good friends' house are the balustrades . However, these are not the balustrades we are used to because they are made of glass. Glass balustrades are a unique and extremely sophisticated solution that brings a lot of craftsmanship and luxury to the room. However, I noticed unique curved glass balustrades among my friends. This type is the most expensive type of glass balustrades due to the glass used and the difficulty of making and installing it. They require very accurate measurements and error-free work by the designer. It is safe to say that Świnoujście is investing more and more funds in glass, which incredibly fits the appearance of this beautiful city. Immediately after returning from Świnoujście, I will try to post another part of my reflections on the slowly becoming "glass city".

Glass city - Świnoujście

As I have already mentioned, Świnoujście is a wonderful place to relax. Crowds of tourists coming from every corner of the country make it possible to invest in this beautiful city. In my previous article, I talked about the investment in the "Baltick Marine" Hotel, which is to be built by the end of 2014. I also discussed what the terrace in front of the entrance will look like and how the sliding glass doors are designed.

Today we will focus on the interior, i.e. the so-called hotel lobby, and how we can use beautiful decorative Lacobel glass . And in the next article we will look inside the rooms and see what modern shower cabins are made of.

The hotel lobby is a place that can really create our image and the first positive or negative impression about a given facility.

Therefore, it is important that it is a nice, well-kept place, designed with a hint of beauty, and at the same time showing the seriousness of a five-star hotel.

The entire hall will be lined with beautiful brown granite, beautifully lit with modern LED lights that will attract the attention of tourists. There will also be a lot of green flowers in beautiful pots. The glass in the windows will play a very important role - they will be large to let in light, thus illuminating the interior. They will be made of tempered safety glass that is much more durable than normal glass. When broken, such glass breaks into small pieces with blunt edges. Going towards the reception, we will pass through the so-called glass buildings.

The rooms will be for 1, 2 or 3 people and so-called apartments. Each hotel room will have a bathroom, a bar and a kitchenette. The kitchenette will be equipped with kitchen equipment. Beautiful Lacobel glass will decorate kitchen countertops in beautiful, vivid colors. Lacobel is decorative glass, painted on the left side, protected with a special hardening coating, thanks to which it retains its properties for many years.

In my next article, I will describe how shower cabins will be designed in hotel rooms, where glass structures will be found and what role they will play.

Today I finally returned from picturesque Świnoujście. Staying in this city during beautiful summer days is incredibly relaxing and relaxing. The hotel base, sandy beaches and the attractive pier, which attracts many foreign guests with its beauty, can be particularly impressive. In my opinion, foreign guests, who come mainly from Germany and Denmark, are the main driving force behind changing the design of Świnoujście. Foreign guests know perfectly well that this resort maintains a high standard at low prices, which are additionally attractive due to the fact that, for example, Germans pay in Euro.

From what I remember from the past, Świnoujście has changed a lot, of course for the benefit of this city. The entire city seems modern and at the same time respectful of history and monuments. Everything changes here. Starting from public goods such as benches or garbage bins, ending with squares and beautiful squares that, decorated with multi-colored flowers, look amazing both in summer and winter.

An important aspect of changing Świnoujście is taking care of the monuments scattered around and beautifying the entire city. It is not easy to renovate an old building or tenement house so that it retains its atmosphere while making it look "fresh", beautiful and renovated. It is easy to retouch characteristic elements that make a given monument easily classify as a given era or architectural style.

Glassio - Szkło Świnoujście

I saw a very interesting and innovative renovation of monuments in Świnoujście. Interestingly, glass was used to renovate the old tenement house in this case! I haven't come across this type of interesting solution yet. In this old building, sliding glass doors were installed as the entrance to the boutique, which was located in this beautiful tenement house. Sliding glass doors gave this place a bit of flair and sophistication that contrasted very well with the old style of this building.

We didn't have to wait long for another positive surprise. Immediately after arriving in Świnoujście, I stayed in a beautiful, old but recently renovated hotel. The comfort at such a low price was amazing! Many glass elements were also used here, which significantly increased the aesthetic value of this place. What surprised me most was the use of Lacobel glass in the bathroom. This solution is perfect for moving away from conventional tiles, which are most often installed in kitchens or bathrooms. The dark blood-red Lacobel glass, which in this case was installed on the bathroom walls, looked extremely luxurious.

Together with Lacobel glass, the shower cabin added charm to this bathroom, with perfectly cut glass decorating every meter of the room.

To sum up, glass is a material that can be used in various ways. Shower cabins, glass doors or glass canopies are just a few elements that incredibly improve the decor.