Sliding glass doors


Our sliding doors

Glassio sliding glass doors mean the quality of materials and the aesthetics of the finish

Check out our wide range of sliding glass doors. We make them from materials that are safe and have the highest quality finishes. All sliding glass doors are made of safety glass, which minimizes the risk of the door breaking into large sharp pieces in the event of an impact and reduces the risk of injury.

We offer three types of finishing for glass door elements:

  • gloss;
  • brushed stainless steel;
  • anode;

Additionally, it is also possible to paint the elements. The color of the varnish is always matched to your expectations.


Installation of sliding glass doors

There are several options for installing sliding glass doors , and the choice of a specific one depends on the type of interior and customer requirements. Installation can be carried out directly to the wall above the passage, as well as to the ceiling itself.

We also make glass walls on which we install sliding systems. They serve as a kind of base for door assembly. In the case of sliding systems, the mountings are made of aluminum or stainless steel, which guarantees high quality assembly and trouble-free use for many years.


Interiors where sliding glass doors will be useful

Sliding glass doors work well in any room, regardless of size, purpose and style. Glass is a universal material that easily fits into the style of modern, minimalist and classic interiors.

Our sliding doors made of safety glass have already found many customers and we know from experience that doors are most often installed in apartments, offices, shopping centers or single-family houses. They fit perfectly into modern interiors, where they emphasize the light, raw style of finishing.

Advantages of sliding glass doors from Glassio

More light in the room

Sliding glass doors are most appreciated for their good light transmission. The natural sun rays passing through the glass visually enlarge the room and create a friendly atmosphere in the apartment or office, conducive to work or performing everyday activities.

Artificial light will never replace natural light, so it is worth trying to ensure that as much sun enters the room as possible. This is made possible not only by windows, but also by glass doors. By installing glass doors , both small and large rooms become even more bright and spacious.

Large selection of fittings

The right type of fittings not only increases the comfort of use, but also gives the door the right style. We offer various types of fittings from various manufacturers. Are you looking for something special? Count on us, we will certainly help you choose durable and original fittings.


Another important aspect when installing sliding glass doors is their safety. It should be noted that they are made of tempered glass, which can withstand enormous pressure. However, if the door breaks, it will fall into small pieces that will not hurt anyone.

We undertake the impossible

We offer numerous alternative installation options, which allows us to prepare and install sliding glass doors in almost any room, whether private or public. You choose the model and set your requirements, and we will take care of the rest. If someone said it "can't be done" for you, ask us.

Do you want to install sliding glass doors? Ask us about implementation details.