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The area around the city of Wolin and the island of the same name is a place with a rich history, tradition, customs and the use of certain modern solutions, such as practical and safe glass doors . It is certainly an incredibly popular place for many different types of trips in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Both the city and the entire island are strongly associated with Scandinavia. It is said that this was once the place where the Vikings settled.

This tradition is associated with the Slavs and Vikings Festival organized every year in Wolin, combining the traditions of two ethnic groups that formerly inhabited these areas. It is therefore a city combining interesting cultures and customs. The attractions of this festival include, for example, staged battles between the Slavs and Vikings or various ancient rituals, carried out according to original rules and records consistent with those performed long, long ago. We can also buy interesting souvenirs here, in the form of replicas of instruments and tools from those very distant times. The former Viking stronghold located on these lands was called Jómbsborg and was inhabited by ancient Danes.

The festival itself is popular among people passionate about history and among families with children, who can try many attractions offered by the organizers and at the same time expand their knowledge. Restaurant and hotel facilities have been perfectly prepared for families as well as many other tourist groups or people coming to this place alone. In some restaurant facilities, we can see the use of an exceptionally attractive addition, which is colored Lacobel glass .

Mirrors are also very popular. This addition will perfectly change the face of many restaurants located in this city. And it is no secret that the more interesting and original the interior design of a given establishment, the greater the interest in its offer on the part of people coming to the area for tourist purposes. Every tourist loves to eat tasty food in a friendly-looking restaurant.

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And the open-air museum located in this area perfectly reminds us of the distant times. We can find there early medieval buildings that once existed in Wolin. Festivals and reenactments of old times also take place here.

The whole city started as a stronghold, growing over time, turning into an attractive city for tourists. Attractions are visible not only in restaurants, but also in perfectly prepared accommodation facilities offering the highest standard of equipment in exchange for a decent price that suits the needs and possibilities of many tourists. When choosing a place to stay, we offer hotel rooms and accommodation in private accommodation. In both cases, we have the opportunity to use bathrooms perfectly equipped with shower cabins .

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We can also find many interesting monuments here. One of them is the Regional Museum, where we can find the remains of the Wolinian tribe living in this area, an original figurine of the Slavic god Świętowit and other archaeological curiosities. Lovers of this field of science will fall in love with Wolin, because it is full of old, medieval buildings and many archaeological exhibitions. There is a local cultural center in Wolin, where residents can express themselves artistically, especially on topics related to the history of these places. Of course, access to water gives visitors the opportunity to engage in slightly more active tourism, namely sailing. There is a lot of ship traffic here and we can explore the area this way. Access to the waterfront is secured by solid and original-looking glass balustrades .

Jews also left a piece of their past in Wolin. The local Jewish cemetery, although neglected, reminds us of the old times and the inhabitants of these lands. The most interesting landscapes on Wolin Island can be seen, of course, in the Wolin National Park. This park combines both forest and marine areas. The symbol of the entire park is the white-tailed eagle, which we can see here. The specific climate and appearance of the surroundings contribute to the fact that the local territories are rich in interesting specimens of flora and fauna. We can find many valuable specimens of trees and plants here, especially those that mainly grow in sea areas. The local wildlife is also extremely interesting, especially birds.

An interesting fact for marine animal lovers will be the presence of protected seals and porpoises here. It is a treat for both nature lovers and children. The local specimens are so valuable that special nature conservation programs are carried out to keep the area in a natural, undisturbed state. We can learn about the history of the entire park from the museum located there. There we will also see live specimens of white-tailed eagles and eagle owls. If we dream of a trip, walking or cycling, nothing is difficult! All you need to do is find the route that interests you and go on a trip, admiring the landscapes of Wolin Island.

We can visit, for example, the Bison Show Farm nearby. There we will see the mentioned bisons and other animals that naturally live in the forest. Another attraction is Lake Turquoise, which owes its characteristic color to calcium compounds lying at the bottom. The area around this lake is a treat for wildlife lovers. If maritime climates are close to your heart, a must-see point on your island trip will be the Kikut Lighthouse or a nearby seaside boulder field. Wolin Island is a charming place combining forest and sea landscapes. Many of these places have practical glass canopies, perfectly integrated into the overall architecture of the surrounding area. When we come to this place, we can be sure that we will find many interesting and attractive products from ancient times and learn about the interesting history of this place.