Glass structures Mrzeżyno

Mrzeżyno is one of the incredibly charming seaside towns that focus mainly on recreational tourism. This is evidenced, for example, by the fact that the number of accommodation places intended for many tourists visiting this place is six times greater than the number of inhabitants of Mrzeżyno.

The history of this place is exceptionally fascinating, quite extensive, but above all closely related to water - the town is located on the open sea, right next to it there is a large lake, separated from the sea only by a small strip of land, and from the back the city is surrounded by the Rega River.

Naturally, most things happen here during the summer and holiday season, but also at other times of the year, residents cannot complain about the lack of tourists looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday. Tourists who come in the summer do so to find peace and vital energy and to spend some time at the nearby swimming pool, which is exceptionally well prepared for swimming. Not far from the swimming pool, there are glass balustrades in certain places along the path, which increase the aesthetics and safety of the place. Safety and comfortable rest are also ensured in the accommodation facilities. The accommodation base in Mrzeżyno is really wide and everyone can find the most suitable offer here.

One of the great attractions of Mrzeżyno is certainly the nearby port. Here, fishing enthusiasts have the opportunity to embark on a perfectly prepared trip of a lifetime, i.e. going fishing on a real fishing boat with an authentic fisherman. Everything is real in Mrzeżyno, here life revolves around the sea and tourists visiting this charming town. The town itself and its local authorities have made sure that every visiting tourist feels as comfortable and comfortable as possible in this place.

For this purpose, practical glass canopies were placed in many places in the town, ensuring full safety and great comfort during heavy rain. It's not just the town that cares about its appearance and attractions. The surrounding areas of Mrzeżyno are so valuable that Polish ecologists' associations take them under their protection. The coastal areas surrounding Mrzeżyno were included in the Trzebiatowsko-Kołobrzeg Seaside Belt, which is intended to protect natural and wild dunes and coastal bushes. As in every seaside town, in Mrzeżyno we will experience fresh air, filled with valuable iodine coming from the seaside breeze. This element is extremely important for our health, which is why there are many spa towns by the sea.

Glassio Mrzeżyno

Due to its favorable location and low urbanization, Mrzeżyno can also be treated as an ideal place for relaxation that has a positive impact on health. For this reason, the area around this town was included in the prestigious Natura 2000 area. Such distinctions prove that it is worth going to this area and relaxing in the clean air. The dunes, covered with a rare crowberry forest, are particularly protected.

Ecology enthusiasts in this area can go in search of unique representatives of fauna and flora found among the local forests. Foresters from Mrzeżyno do everything to keep the forest and dunes in their original, intact condition. They also maintain a nearby floristic reserve, which places the most valuable plant species under special protection. Mrzeżyno is also full of unique fauna, both marine and those inhabiting the surrounding forests.

The local ornithological world is also interesting, full of the ubiquitous gulls and terns and other, less common species. On the Mrzeżyńska beach you can also find seafood, mainly in the form of mussels. One of the greatest culinary attractions offered here are certainly fish dishes served in regional restaurants. Their modern interior with Lacobel glass is perfectly combined with the traditions of the region.

Being in this town will make you feel special and get in touch with true, wild nature. This is what attracts crowds of tourists who willingly visit Mrzeżyno in the season, but also in winter, autumn and early spring. This is a unique tourist destination because regular visitors usually go on holiday here, with specific preferences for spending time in this town.

Mrzeżyno is located very attractively - right next to the open sea, and can also be a stop on the way from the interior of Poland, for example to Szczecin. The climate typical of seaside towns attracts those who like contact with wild nature and want to relax comfortably from the hustle and bustle of the big city during their holidays. Such relaxation is ensured by perfectly prepared and properly maintained accommodations offering rest rooms and bathrooms with practical shower cabins . Naturally, this is not the only type of modernization offered by accommodation facilities. Many of them also have modern glass doors that increase the aesthetics of the room. We can relax all day on the beach, which is not overcrowded even at the peak of the season. If we get bored with the sea, just drive a few kilometers and go to a nearby lake. This is also where fishing enthusiasts can experience the catch of a lifetime, as this lake is home to many unique species of fish.

There are plenty of entertainment and cultural events organized in Mrzeżyno throughout the summer. Their main theme is the sea and fishing, but you can also find an event related to the folklore of these areas. Another interesting experience is a kayaking trip on the river surrounding Mrzeżyno. This is an attraction for those who like to spend their holidays actively. Such holidaymakers can also go for a walk in the surrounding forests or go on a bicycle tour. You can't get bored in Mrzeżyno because nature and modernity are a perfect combination in this town.