Glassio Rewal for everyone

The city and commune of Rewal are located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, therefore the tourism, life and culture of these regions are closely related to the Baltic Sea. It is a small, but extremely attractively located town, few people live there permanently, but in the season you can find many tourists here. Despite the small number of inhabitants, Rewal is able to offer a well-prepared tourist base. When coming to this town for tourist purposes, we can be sure of finding perfectly prepared and properly equipped tourist accommodation. The shower cabins they contain are at one of the highest levels of bathroom equipment.

Of course, not only cabins are a practical addition to a rented room or the entire house. In guesthouses, a very practical and increasingly common solution are glass doors located both outside and inside the building. Of course, every tourist does not come to the town to admire the doors or cabins, but rather to learn about interesting places located in the town itself and in its immediate vicinity.

One of the landscape curiosities in this region are undoubtedly the numerous moraine formations, which are a souvenir of past changes in the area. We can see such landscapes on the Trzebiatowski Coast, where Rewal is located. The local cliffs offer a breathtaking view of the sea and nearby forests. Natural areas are so valuable for Poland and Europe that they have been protected and are specially protected by the Natura 2000 program.

There are reserves here where interesting species of birds live, for example swans, places where unique plants grow and a unique crowberry forest. The local nature is specific and it is worth appreciating its values. There are many monuments and objects related to the sea, such as lighthouses. If we like active sightseeing, it is worth appreciating the tourist trails in the area, perfectly protected in some places by original glass balustrades . We can also see beautiful landscapes of the closer or further surroundings of the town of Rewal while walking or cycling. Another geographical curiosity is the presence of dunes in this area, also protected, as a phenomenon valuable for the local nature. The city has a rich history, mainly related to the sea.

For many years, until now, a large part of Rewal's inhabitants has been involved in fishing. There is even a marina here, where local fishermen meet. Another monument worth seeing is the Gothic-style church in Rewal. If you are passionate about animals, it is worth visiting the nearby Whale Park, where there are replicas of many exotic sea animals. If we like the sea, we must visit a nearby swimming pool, especially in the summer season. Rewal, due to its interesting natural conditions, is known for its natural monuments in the form of trees. In Rewal, we also have good conditions for practicing sports in the form of team or pair games, such as the ever-fascinating badminton. Rewal is a nearby tourism and recreation center. It is also a treat for lovers of traveling by sea. We can go on a tourist cruise with the whole group or family, admiring the sea landscape.

If we like active recreation, it is worth visiting the nearby rope park, where we can have some fun and test our abilities. It is good fun for the whole family and an opportunity for better integration. We can prepare the route ourselves and choose the level of difficulty, so children can also try their hand at it. A visit to the rope park is a unique way to diversify your relaxation.

Rewal glass

If we visit Rewal out of season and want to swim, it is not difficult or requires any extraordinary sacrifice. In the area you will find many swimming pools with a wide range of attractions - sports and recreational pools, jacuzzi, slides, saunas and many other attractions. Another interesting feature is the colored Lacobel glass used to finish swimming pool corridors, in a similar way to mirrors in the past. All these attractions will help us relax and unwind a bit during our stay in this picturesque town. Fans of railways and train travel will also find something for themselves in the area! There is a narrow-gauge railway in these areas, with a rich history and high recognition.

Now revitalized, it can be an interesting addition to our trip. This is an option that will be an incredibly great attraction for the youngest. This way, we can quickly and cheaply move between seaside towns, while viewing the beautiful landscapes of the local forests. Accommodation in Rewal is also not a problem. We can choose between many offers - choose a room in a hotel or guesthouse, stay with a local family or pitch a tent at a campsite.

There are many possibilities and for every budget. Many different events related to local culture and seaside customs also take place in Rewal. These events usually take place in the city center on a stage specially prepared for this purpose. If we visit the city and do not see any cultural event, we can go to nearby bars where we can listen to interesting and pleasant music. In some premises, we can find extremely practical and universal glass canopies .

During the season, this town is literally and figuratively teeming with cultural and social life. We can find many entertainment here, for example a championship in the popular mini golf in the area, we can also listen to live shanties during one of the festivals, go to a water rescue festival or visit numerous exhibitions related to the past of these lands and characteristic buildings in the city of Rewal, for example by narrow-gauge railway. Rewal may be small, but it is full of interesting and extremely attractive opportunities that ensure great fun and nice memories after our return to our place of residence.