All-glass buildings


All-glass buildings

All-glass buildings are a great idea to make the interior more attractive and provide more natural light. It is difficult to find a more universal and timeless material than glass.

Trends come and go, and glass never goes out of fashion, which means that it will look fresh and elegant both today and in 10-15 years. It is worth using this material to arrange and finish interiors as much as possible, especially since it has an important advantage: it allows light to pass through, making the rooms seem more spacious.

We offer the production and assembly of all-glass structures , both in frameless and framed systems. We guarantee the design and construction of a unique structure, tailored to your needs and taste. Thanks to the point fastenings, clamps or strips of various structures used in assembly, we can prepare any structure for various applications.


Safety first

We cannot imagine using any other material than tempered safety glass in our buildings. At the customer's request, we additionally laminate the surfaces, which further increases the safety of all-glass construction . The use of high-strength materials in construction minimizes the risk of glass shattering and increases impact resistance. The biggest advantage is that even if the structure is damaged, it will remain in place and fulfill its role until it can be replaced.


All-glass structures work well in all interiors and facilities

If you value aesthetics and the modern appearance of rooms, it is worth considering purchasing glass structures for your interior. Our clients use this type of buildings in offices, apartments, hotels and shopping centers. It does not matter what type of room you want to install glass in, because we will provide you with a product that will meet your expectations. Installing a complete structure will provide you with better lighting in the rooms and an interesting style.


A guarantee of integrity and discretion

Even though glass structures use such a fragile material as glass, we only work with tempered glass, which can withstand pressure of up to 3.0 kN/m. The use of this type of glass guarantees high strength and impact resistance.

You don't have to worry that the glass in glass structures will transmit sound from outside and outside. We made sure that our structures had the so-called aquarium effect. Thanks to this, the sound gets out, but it is so distorted that individual words are impossible to identify.

Advantages of all-glass construction from Glassio Szczecin


Solid workmanship, professional assembly and the use of tempered glass and high-quality fasteners as materials guarantee safe use. Safety comes with durability. The structures are resistant to damage, so they will serve you for many years.

Diversity and wide application

Regardless of the type of interior you want to install a glass structure in, our offer includes a product that will meet your expectations. Our specialists will make every effort to ensure that after installing the furniture in the room, the effect is exactly what you want to achieve.

No worries that the development will cause inconvenience

Are you afraid of easy glass breaking or high sound transmittance? Unnecessarily. We know how important comfort of use is, which is why our products stand out in this respect by using tempered glass and using the aquarium effect.

Ready to install a modern and original all-glass structure? We will advise you on any issue, just contact us.