Shower cabins


The shower cabins you are looking for

Are you fed up with Chinese shower cabins bought in the supermarket? Do you dream of a beautiful and solid glass shower cabin ? Or maybe you need a cabin with unusual dimensions and other companies do not want to make it? If the answer to any question is "yes", check out our offer. Be surprised by how we work and what we can offer you.

Shower cabins tailored to your requirements

Each shower cabin produced by our company is made to individual order. We set no limits regarding dimensions and shapes. And if only the installation conditions and technological solutions allow, we will make a shower cabin that meets all your requirements. Thanks to us, you can adjust the cabin to your bathroom and needs, not the other way around. We install cabins in every bathroom room, even those with non-standard layout and area.


First of all, we focus on quality

We make fittings from high-quality materials, the service life of which is many times higher than that of products offered by other manufacturers. We make shower cabins from 8 or 10 mm thick glass , which increases their durability, stiffness and comfort of use. All elements (hinges, sliding systems, seals and the glass itself) are replaceable, which means that in the event of a failure, you do not have to replace the entire cabin, but only individual parts of the structure.

We create custom-made shower cabins that combine style and utility

We strive to combine sophisticated aesthetics with quality and comfort of use. We produce cabins that attract attention with their beautiful, modern design and attractive finishes. Take a look at examples of our projects and you will see that our custom-made shower cabins are extremely aesthetic and really make bathrooms more attractive. They become well-matched and functional elements of bathroom equipment. The great advantage of our cabins is the combination of stainless steel and glass, which is not only practical, but also impressive.

Shower cabins in Glassio Szczecin

Satisfaction guaranteed

Each cabin is made to order, which makes it match the interior. Order a cabin from us and you will receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that you will become the owner of exactly the product you expect. By choosing a custom-made shower cabin , you save a lot of valuable time and money because we adapt to your needs. You don't have to look for a finished product, worrying that it won't be the right size or quality.

Installation in any type of room

We have experience in installing shower cabins even in the most demanding conditions. The materials we use during the production and assembly of the shower cabin will be adapted to the style, size and equipment of your bathroom.

A beautiful, elegant cabin that will last for years

We use universal and timeless materials (stainless steel and glass) that can be used in every bathroom, guaranteeing that even after 5 or 10 years, your shower cabin will still look attractive and aesthetic.

Are you planning to install a glass shower cabin? Rely on our experience! We will advise you which solution and model will work in your bathroom.