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Our Polish sea is extremely poorly appreciated by many people. It is worth going to the coast during your holiday and finding out for yourself what the Polish sea and tourist towns in that area have to offer. An interesting place that is certainly worth visiting is the town of Niechorze.

Like all tourist towns on the west coast, Niechorze has a wide accommodation offer. We can literally choose accommodation according to our budget and where we want to spend the night. There are mainly hotels, but also guesthouses, holiday homes and farms offering rooms for rent, with modern shower cabins skillfully integrated into the entire room.

Of course, not only this one element is one of the attractions of most of today's accommodation establishments. Many of these places also use colored Lacobel glass . This accessory is not only attractive, but also extremely practical in its form and use. Perfectly, because it is suitable for use inside apartments.

Niechorze is a place where everyone will find something for themselves. In addition to a wide and well-prepared accommodation base, the city also offers many attractions for the whole family. There are an exceptionally large number of places on its premises where you can visit during your stay and eat a tasty meal accompanied by a perfectly prepared dessert.

Waffles and ice cream sold in many small catering establishments in this city are widely known. There are practical and modern glass canopies above each entrance to this type of premises. For many people, this is undoubtedly one of the additional, very practical details of the practical decor of most premises.

Of course, each potential user of a selected restaurant pays attention primarily to what is inside and what the menu is presented. A tasty and attractive-looking dish eaten in an original interior will taste much better than ordinary food offered in standard restaurants.

Glass doors and balustrades in Niechorze

Niechorze is a place where fishing is thriving. In the nearby restaurants you can eat super fresh, brilliantly prepared fish, coming straight from our sea. Due to tradition, the Fisheries Museum was opened here, which is a treat for lovers of fish and everything related to the sea. There are many interesting exhibits, and the museum also offers active participation in sightseeing by organizing various games. There are things like special fishing nets or a species of Baltic shark that has been specially preserved for many years. Everyone, even if they are not a sea lover, should visit this museum - the exhibits there are engaging and encourage you to delve into maritime topics.

Whole families can learn about the history of the museum and the surrounding area thanks to the lessons, workshops and other various activities organized there. A great attraction of this place are the glass doors inside. Thanks to this solution, a lot of freshness and light enters the interior.

If we are passionate about various types of transport, it will be necessary to take a ride on a narrow-gauge railway. The route of this railway connects all the most beautiful towns nearby, so during the ride we will be able to admire unique seaside landscapes.

When visiting Niechorze, we must also visit the Fisherman's Marina. This is where the previously mentioned fish fryers are located, which are a must-visit. Moreover, the local swimming area is really nice, the water is extremely clean, and the landscape is stylized in a typical maritime style, associated with sailors and holidays. All children walking around the city stop at the charming monument of Foki Depka, who is the mascot of this city. She was released from the Hel sealarium into the sea, and she spent her entire days on a nearby beach. No wonder, after all, it is the main attraction of this seaside town. There are four swimming pools in this city, all of them are very popular.

It is worth appreciating that this city has remained almost unchanged for many years, you can enjoy the charm of a real fishing town whose inhabitants live at their own slow rhythm. Therefore, on the beach we can meet not only tourists, but also locals who, after work, like to relax by the beautiful, native sea on one of the many promenades. Of course, the option of relaxation is also available on hotel terraces, where there are practical and universal glass balustrades in their form and solution. The use of this type of solution turned out to be completely safe and very original for many tourists visiting this place.

Don't be sick, Glassia

After all, nothing relaxes as much as the sun's rays and the sound of the sea. Of course, all swimming areas are guarded during the season to ensure the highest possible level of safety for tourists. Here we can also practice various water sports and have fun for the whole family, especially children. In the evenings you can walk here, admiring the amazing landscapes. Niechorze hides a multitude of other attractions, for example the Peasant Farm, which when visiting we can feel like we are in a time machine, visit the reserve located on the nearby Liwia Łuża lake, go bowling or a disco, climb to the very top of the lighthouse and from there admire the surroundings or also visit the butterfly gardens, where there are amazing species of beautiful insects.

Niechorze is an inconspicuous town where we can go back to the past and experience real experiences related to the sea. Despite its popularity among tourists, this town is still a fishing village and its inhabitants are extremely connected with the sea. Here we can discover the true charms of our sea and fall madly in love with it, staying on the beach, among the sound of waves and golden sand. In the evening, you can spend time carefree in one of the elegant establishments.