Glassio Glass Plant

The Glassio glass plant is a company from Szczecin, employing the best glassmakers and other specialists with extensive experience in the profession. Our installers have extensive substantive knowledge and skills that allow us to provide glass services at the highest possible level and offer glass products that will meet the most demanding expectations of our customers. All this is possible thanks to access to advanced glass equipment owned by our company, Glassio.

Our glass is produced using traditional methods, and we also use modern solutions to a large extent, which is why our glass has ideal technical and durability parameters. Our glass is solid and durable. Custom-made glass is not only about mirrors and glass. Although the work of a glazier is mostly associated with the production of various glass and mirrors, the work of a glazier does not end there. The specificity of this profession requires great skills and precision.

Our glass company in Szczecin makes unique glass decorations for the kitchen or bathroom. Examples of our work include original Lacobels installed in modern interiors and original, eye-catching glass with graphics tailored to individual customer orders. Our glass factory offers you a large professional range.


Custom-made glass

Custom-made glass is our specialty. We carry out orders such as mirrors, glass, lacobels, balustrades, glass canopies, glass doors and many others. Our company's offer includes glass intended for interior and exterior use.

Among the glass services in Szczecin that our company can provide, our clients will find, among others: transport of glass, Installation using glass lifters and installation of balustrades, lacobels, doors, canopies and other products made of glass. We serve individual customers and fulfill wholesale orders. Our projects on our website include installations in seaside hotels, restaurants and offices.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our company glazier Szczecin and we count on pleasant cooperation. Our glass company offers glass services of the highest quality products. Our customers will receive any custom-made glass from us and delivered to your home. Glassio is a guarantee of high quality workmanship and glass processing.

In addition, we offer safe transport of glass in Szczecin and the surrounding area. We are open to your projects and will meet new challenges. Many people are probably wondering who a glazier really is and what he does. Is there a high demand for glass? A glazier is a person who deals with professional glass processing. Additionally, it manufactures various items made of glass, as well as installs them and delivers them to the customer.


Szklarz Szczecin Glassio - precision and accuracy

Each activity performed by a glass company should be done with the highest precision and accuracy. Glass is a fragile and delicate material, so if it is damaged, it is impossible to rebuild it, so a glazier Such a person must gain experience and the necessary skills for this profession.

There is certainly no place in this industry for a person who does not have the manual skills necessary to perform the profession of a glazier, because glass processing and cutting requires extraordinary precision. Working with glass is a typical craft activity. This requires a variety of tools for assembling and working with glass. In fact, today there are not many job opportunities because not everyone can do this job.

Glassio glazier has selected employees according to their profession. When there is a deficit of such skills, professions such as glazier deserve great recognition. This can be seen in many works done by professionals, for example the Szczecin glazier no longer surprises anyone. Our works are very popular. Glazier is one of the oldest professions. Although most of us associate it only with a narrow scope of execution, a glazier performs a wider scope of execution.

The Glassio glass plant uses high-quality glass that is very durable. Our office is located in the very center of Szczecin, please visit our website where you will find many of our projects. If you are looking for a glass company in Szczecin, we are here!