Glass structures


Custom-made glass structures

More and more often, glass is used in modern interiors and as an interesting addition to our apartments, houses and offices. In larger commercial buildings , glass structures give the facility a distinctive and elegant look and, most importantly, allow the room to be provided with natural light, which largely affects the safe and peaceful feeling in our rooms. Our company makes glass structures in Szczecin and the surrounding area.

Nowadays, glass has a very large impact on innovative and innovative architecture. The wise use of large windows, glass doors and balconies as well as the use of glass balustrades and kitchen lacobels among many different applications make the facility with glass elements very spacious, bright and attractive. As materials used in construction must fulfill many residential functions, it is very important to choose the right glass for a specific application.

To meet the basic requirements such as solidity, durability, appearance and modernity, you can choose the appropriate type of glass. Safety is very important, which is why our company in Szczecin makes sure that glass structures are durable and safe. Our glass meets these requirements without any problems, while maintaining the neat appearance and originality that our customers expect.


Szklarz Glassio Szczecin

The addition of glass to modern interiors gives a more delicate or dominant character. It all depends on what type of glass we want to work with. Strong colors add character and complement the free space. In contrast, light lacobels and balustrades add peace and a pleasant atmosphere to the building. Glass structures made by our company Glassio are tailored to the individual tastes of our customers. Everyone will find something for themselves here. Our company deals with the design and installation of glass structures .

The experience gained by our specialists and their fresh mind allows us to create innovative and fashionable glass designs such as: balustrades, glass doors, glass cabins, glass canopies, lacobels and many others. We make custom-made glass elements. On our website you can find projects we have completed. We do not limit ourselves to our projects. Thanks to the use of professional equipment, we are fully mobile. We also install glass structures in seaside towns. One of them are the well-known glass fountains in Międzyzdroje, like many hotel projects, e.g. glass balconies, ceilings and canopies.


guarantee of quality

Our glass structures are becoming more and more popular. We always install professionally, reliably and, most importantly, on time. Our company has extensive experience in working with glass and implementing individual orders. We have been providing glass services for homes, shops, offices and hotels for years.

We guarantee the highest quality of our services. The goal of our company is an individual approach to each of our clients, so that each project we complete is unique and meets the customer's expectations. We know how important professionalism and solid workmanship are. Many years of experience have made our company recognizable and often chosen for larger city or corporate projects.

Before we start the implementation, we agree on all the details with the client and take measurements. We set the price individually, depending on the type of project, execution time and the size and complexity of the order. Our offer includes many glass structures in Szczecin and the surrounding area. Full commitment and focus when installing glass is our company. Please visit our website and fanpage to see our works. Maybe you will find something for yourself and be inspired to create something modern and innovative in your interior.