Glassio Glass structures - Łukęcin

Łukęcin, according to official qualifications and professional terminology, is not even a village, but only a settlement, which is unlikely to find any exclusive-looking glass doors leading to large and somewhat specific rooms. If anything, this type of door can be found in private homes or restaurants. On a daily basis, only a dozen or so families live in this charming place, leading a free and peaceful lifestyle.

However, in the summer season, this place usually takes on a completely different character, becoming a unique, private resort. The charm of this place will certainly be appreciated by people who like to relax in peace and quiet surrounded by the natural environment. On the one hand, this area has the open sea, which makes this place so unique, and on the other, forest areas. Łukęcin is a settlement hidden in a lush, dense forest, so our stay in this place will take place among completely wild nature. In places where we can meet interesting and original fauna and flora of our country.

A stay in Łukęcin will certainly be an ideal opportunity to relax after heavy daily duties and calm down our body and many emotions that bothered us in our everyday life. It is worth adding that the air here is unique - saturated with sea iodine and the resinous freshness of the local forests. Evening walks around this settlement will allow us to feel the sea breeze on our own skin. Łukęcin is a place where you can absorb nature with your whole being, from the ends of your hair to the tips of your toes.

This is an ideal place for people with a scouting streak, who do not necessarily expect luxury during their holidays, but rather peace and quiet that they can find in somewhat spartan conditions. Here we can appreciate the simplest, many different activities that do not require any significant financial resources. These activities include sitting on the beach all day or lighting a bonfire at night and singing joyfully until dawn. Of course, the main point of Łukęcin is the swimming pool nearby, which has modern but perfectly integrated glass balustrades protecting the passage.

The local beaches are not like those in the Tricity - they are a bit more overgrown and sandy, but this is what creates their unique charm, providing pleasant memories for a long period of time. The beach in Łukęcin is spacious and, above all, not overcrowded. Here we can find our own corner on the beach, almost exclusively. The luxury of rest here consists mainly in privacy and access to the open sea, which is simply stunning with its views. Although not only despite the relatively small number of people permanently living in Łukęcin, there is a holiday and recreation center and a perfectly prepared apartment in this place. Above the entrance to these buildings there are glass roofs appropriately matched in form, shape and color, protecting the entrance doors against rain.

In each of these places you will find modernly equipped bathrooms with many original additions and a wide range of useful accessories, as well as shower cabins with a high standard of use. Of course, there are many other original-looking and very practical rooms in these places. Seaside resorts, such as Łukęcin, are full of places where we can spend the night. Depending on our wallet and individual preferences, we can rent a comfortable apartment, a room in a private home or a place in a small guesthouse. Regardless of the location, each accommodation facility in this area is of an appropriately high standard, which is visible, among other things, through the use of an original product in the decoration, which is Lacobel glass .

Łukęcin through the eyes of Glassio

Lovers of active leisure will also find something for themselves here. Just take your bike with you on a trip and take a detour around this charming settlement, exploring and getting to know the surrounding forests a little better. In the evening, it is worth following the popular seaside hiking trail, which will reveal the most beautiful corners of the beach in Łukęcin.

The surroundings of this settlement are an ideal place to relax for people who usually live in a big city and want to rest from the hustle and bustle and find their lost peace of mind. Here we will be practically alone with ourselves in the countryside and on the beach. In Łukęcin there are empty, charming beaches and lush forests with many beautiful views. This settlement is located in the Dziwnów commune and is one of the places in this area visited by people who want to relax by the real, open sea and feel the joy of living to the fullest.

Łukęcin is a frequent holiday destination for young people. This age group is most likely to rent holiday homes that are far from the places where local people live. Such houses are extremely spacious, provide basic comforts such as a bathroom or kitchen, but also allow us to relax in a quiet place, away from civilization. For adventure lovers, there is a camping site here.

Often, some of us go on road trips, sleeping in a caravan or simply taking a tent with us to set up anywhere. A camping site has been opened in Łukęcin for these holidaymakers. Here we can pitch our own tent, keep our trailer or rent it. Another advantage of staying in such a place is that there is constant integration between vacationers. Common meals, bonfires and fun - all this is the essence of a successful holiday and will make you want to return to the Łukęcin area every season. Holidays at the Polish open sea will make you appreciate the charms of the north-western part of Poland.

These areas are underrated for tourists, so it's worth going here if you don't like crowds during your holidays. We can get to this place using our own car, which is the most convenient option for us, or we can choose another type of means.