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Charming Gryfino

The West Pomeranian Voivodeship attracts tourists from all over Poland with pleasant, attractive landscapes and access to the open, native sea, as well as interesting architecture skillfully combining modern additions with old buildings.

A perfect example in this respect is Lacobel glass and mirrors, which are used very willingly and to an exceptionally large extent. The properties of this glass allow it to be used as a decorative addition both inside and outside the apartment. This is one of these types of products that is perfect for residential, office, restaurant and many other rooms of various types and purposes. One of the cities located in the voivodeship is the incredibly charming and eagerly visited Gryfino.

The history of this city dates back to the thirteenth century and even then it was extremely attractive for tourists. Memories of those times remain in Gryfino. The old part of the city is surrounded by ancient walls that once served as protection. The walls are almost intact and are a reminder of ancient times, just like the Brańska Gate, equally well preserved. It is a decorative and characteristic point of the entire city.

Here we can also visit the original church, built in the thirteenth century. Its long history proves the amazing atmosphere of the building. An additional attraction is the original, historic, well-preserved organ, on which church music concerts have been organized for many centuries, until now. The building is extremely attractive in terms of architecture - richly decorated inside, being a perfect example of a Gothic religious building. And despite the fact that in the vicinity of this facility there are modern glass canopies over the entrance to commercial premises, it does not lose any of its attractiveness.

Glass balustrades on the Odra River

The Odra River also flows in this area, making the landscape much more beautiful, and landscape parks are being created near its shores, eagerly visited by both locals and natives. A wide system of canals and various types of connections on this river make it possible to practice water sports and travel to other cities by water. This is an attraction both for those familiar with this form of transport and for those who will try it for the first time.

You can explore the Oder both by boat and rented kayaks, admiring the natural landscapes on the river. Of course, near this place there are also extremely practical glass balustrades , which are a practical and extremely aesthetic solution. All around this place, there is extremely little human interference in the natural environment. If it does take place, it is done in such a way that it is practically imperceptible. The local landscapes are almost untouched by human hands. The local forests are a perfect place to relax, whether on holiday or just for a weekend.

Glass doors, shower cabins and mirrors - Glassio West Pomeranian Voivodeship

Gryfino is a city open to tourists, where everyone will find something for themselves. Nature in this place can delight with the richness of colors of plants, their species and the fact that we can be in constant contact with it. Extreme sports enthusiasts can try to cross the river, but this requires fitness, appropriate equipment and experience. In Gryfino we can both actively relax and simply relax, walking and enjoying the contact with nature untouched by the negative influence of civilization. Another attraction for everyone is the extensive Laguna Water Center, which is accessed through inviting modern glass doors .

Here you will find a multitude of attractions that will appeal to people of all ages. We can swim in a specially prepared saline pool or a traditional one intended for athletes, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a solarium and attractions for younger people. The whole family can have a great rest here, as it is a place perfectly prepared for use by both adults and much younger people, who should naturally be under the supervision of adults on the premises.

For people who value traditional solutions, modern and perfectly prepared shower cabins with mirrors are offered here. An additional advantage of this place is the Salt Chamber, intended for medicinal purposes. For those who spend their holidays actively, a complex of sports facilities has been built nearby. Thanks to this, we can easily play basketball, volleyball, football and tennis in Gryfino. It attracts families as well as single couples or groups of people of different ages. Thanks to this number of tourists, Gryfino is constantly expanding, as evidenced by the fact that every year there are more and more guesthouses, hotels and other places where travelers can stay. Thanks to the perfectly prepared accommodation and catering facilities, this city is becoming more and more popular every year among many people looking for friendly places for a family holiday.

Gryfino Glassio

You can both relax here and explore the area, preferably by bike - the entire city is surrounded by a network of bicycle paths, adapted and specially marked to meet the requirements of tourists. This is also where there are interesting natural objects, such as the Crooked Forest, where there are trees bent into various shapes.

Here we can admire the power of nature and its unique and unique charm. The nearby Dendrological Garden is also a treat for fans of nature and plants, as it contains interesting specimens of Polish flora found nowhere else. If we are interested in golf, we should definitely visit the nearby golf course, which is one of the most popular facilities of this type in this region, and maybe even in Poland. The nearby forests are full of natural treasures and if we want to relax by the lake with a fishing rod, we have come to the perfect place - the local lakes are full of fish, and at the end of the season we can go to the forest for mushroom picking. This area is a paradise for those who like to spend their holidays actively and be close to the natural environment.