Glassio Pogorzelica - custom glass

There is quite a large group of people in our country who are not very keen on going on holiday to the Polish seaside. This reluctance is usually mainly due to the fact that all the most popular resorts in the season are crowded and overcrowded, and even finding a free place to protect yourself from the rain, such as glass roofs offer, is extremely difficult. Nevertheless, even if we don't like large crowds during the holidays, we don't have to give up a holiday trip to the Baltic Sea! The West Pomeranian Voivodeship is full of many tiny seaside towns, visited by those vacationers who value privacy and peace above all.

A perfect example is the small village of Pogorzelica, where only about one hundred or two hundred people live permanently. During the season, however, you can find holidaymakers here, usually regular ones, accustomed to trips to these charming places. Although few people live here, Pogorzelica itself is a relatively large and slightly more extended village. This, of course, has its good and bad sides. Nevertheless, thanks to this, everyone will find their own, private corner here.

The Pogorzelice beach differs in appearance from traditional beaches on the Baltic Sea, where in many cases, especially the larger and better-known beaches, there are modern glass balustrades along bicycle paths or routes to the beach. Its appearance is much more raw, similar to natural bathing areas, untouched by human hands for years. It is the lack of interference with the natural appearance of this area that attracts tourists so much. The swimming pool in Pogorzelica is extremely spacious, covered with sand that looks natural but is quite pleasant to the touch. The swimming pool is guarded and you can easily find the way to it directly from the center of the village.

Right next to the main beach there is a second, slightly smaller but equally charming and, of course, guarded beach, providing safe swimming for adults and small children, as well as those with better and worse swimmers. The quality of the swimming areas in Pogorzelica is proven by the fact that both beaches have received the recognized Blue Flag certificate, awarded to beaches where the water is extremely clean, the beach is properly maintained, and the entire area is supervised by a qualified lifeguard. This certificate therefore proves the great uniqueness of this place and full respect for the natural environment and the needs of people who decide to have a peaceful and safe holiday in this place.

Lacobel and Glassio shower cabins

Pogorzelica offers attractions not only during the holiday season. We can also visit this town during a regular weekend trip and go to the modern Sandra SPA, which is a combination of a hotel and a wellness center.

This place has an exceptionally original design, with motifs including colored Lacobel glass . In the modern and well-equipped Sandra SPA, we can purchase a pass, thanks to which we will receive full accommodation and perfectly prepared dietary meals. While staying at the hotel, we can freely use the nearby swimming pool and bathrooms with high-quality shower cabins . If we want to relax even more, we can purchase various SPA packages, offering, for example, special baths, massages, acupuncture or beauty treatments - in other words, things that have a positive effect on our beauty and a much better well-being. In addition, we can take advantage of the opportunity to learn and play bowling. Pogorzelica is a small town, but there are plenty of places to stay.

Holidaymakers literally choose from the offers and can choose to stay in the nearby luxurious Sandra SPA, a slightly cheaper room in a guesthouse or a modernly equipped hotel. In some of these places, for the user's convenience, practical and well-made accessories have been installed to facilitate functioning. However, if we want to get a little closer to nature, we can look for cozy accommodation with a local family or an extremely cheap nearby campsite. These campsites are especially recommended to students traveling because they offer decent conditions at low prices. Pogorzelica is a small settlement open to holidaymakers with various preferences, where practically everyone will find something for themselves.

Glassio fire

Pogorzelica may be a tiny town, but it offers a lot of unique tourist attractions that can be a great way to spend your summer holidays pleasantly. Moreover, anyone who decides to go to this place will find something suitable for themselves - on the one hand, we have a luxurious hotel with large glass doors, on the other hand, lush forests and the open sea with wild beaches. The local forests are especially unique, such as the crowberry forest that grows near the beach. No matter what part of Pogorzelica we are in, we are in close contact with nature. For example, if we are bored with the sea, we can go to the nearby lake Liwia Łuża, which is a protected area. The forests surrounding the nearby lakes hide many interesting flora and fauna.

For those holidaymakers who like to do sports during their holidays, the Revolta rope park was specially built. Here we can try various extreme sports that provide a greater dose of adrenaline while staying among many of the most beautiful places in this area. Pogorzelica is located on the route of the Nadmorska Narrow Gauge Railway, which is a great attraction of this area. This railway gives you the opportunity to move cheaply and quickly to any point along the route and take an additional sightseeing trip, admiring the coastal areas during the journey. We can, for example, stay in Pogorzelica and visit individual towns along the coast. Perfect relaxation and complete satisfaction, as well as peace and quiet are the main advantages of this charming and still little-known place.