Lacobel – use colored glass to decorate your interior

Lacobel is a special type of glass , which on one side is covered with a layer of colored varnish. It is eagerly used in interior decoration because it becomes an interesting alternative, e.g. to traditional wall tiles in the kitchen or bathroom. Lacobel glass varnish is resistant to light conditions and UV radiation, which ensures its long-term durability in any room.

Lacobel is available in many colors, so you can easily find your favorite one that will match your home. We will be happy to lend you a sampler that will help you choose the perfect color.


We guarantee professional installation

Our installers are specially trained professionals who have gained experience in installing Lacobel in various conditions over the years. When they come to you, they will quickly and efficiently install the glass you have chosen.

Lacobel will be resistant to unfavorable factors because the side with the varnish will be next to the wall. Thanks to this, the rather delicate varnish layer will not be exposed to scratching and damage.


Lacobel glass will diversify the design of your interior

When arranging your interior, you can follow the example of designers who increasingly use colored glass and glass with graphics to diversify their designs. It is not only fashionable, but also a very practical interior finishing element.

Lacobel has universal uses - it can be used, among other things, to decorate the kitchen, composing the so-called aprons – eye-catching surfaces of glass tiles between the upper and lower cabinets.

Using lacobel in the kitchen will be a convenient solution because it will significantly help keep it clean. Colored glass is very easy and quick to clean.


Lacobel will turn an ordinary table into a designer decoration of the room

Another innovative solution that we use for our clients is to install Lacobel glass on the table top. In this role, lacobel solves the problem of persistent dirt that appears on the table during everyday use.

Preparing meals or using various equipment, such as a mixer or blender, often causes the table wall to be exposed to various types of dirt.

By installing a glass panel or glass with graphics, you will not only protect the wall against dirt, but also gain a beautiful decoration of the room. What's more, we do not limit you in any way, so you can prepare your own project using lacobel or use our help.

Instructions for cleaning acid-etched glass for home use

Matelac glass

When cleaning acid-etched glass, it is important to follow the recommendations below:

  • Do not use invasive cleaning agents, such as wire brushes, razor blades or abrasive materials, to clean glass.
  • Typically, acid-etched glass should be washed with plenty of warm water and a soft sponge or glass cleaner.
  • In case of persistent stains, the procedure should be repeated.
  • It is important to always clean the entire surface of etched glass with water or liquid, even if only a small part of the glass is dirty. Do not spot clean as it may cause a halo effect on the glass.
  • In order to avoid scratches and damage to the glass surface, it is necessary to use large amounts of water. Do not remove dirt with a dry and/or dirty cloth, as this may scratch the glass surface.
  • Pressing the glass too hard may damage it, so do not apply excessive pressure during the cleaning process.
  • Heavy dirt should be removed using pressure washers.
  • To clean etched glass, use standard alcohol-containing liquids.
  • Do not use products containing hydrofluoric acid, fluorine, chlorine or ammonia derivatives, as these substances may damage the glass surface.

LACOBEL COLORS (also available in our office)



We guarantee quick implementation, good price and solid workmanship. If you are interested in our offer, please contact us!

What do you gain by choosing Lacobel in the interior?


Although it may seem that glass is delicate, it is actually an extremely durable and practical material. Professional installation guarantees not only quick and solid workmanship, but also good protection of the delicate paint layer against damage.

Practicality and beautiful design

Original aesthetics are in no way mutually exclusive with functionality. Lacobel is easy to keep clean, dust, grease and water vapor stains are quickly removed. And at the same time, thanks to it you can realize your own vision for finishing your kitchen or bathroom.

Unconventional use

There are so many possibilities of using lacobel in the interior that you are only limited by your imagination. Lacquered glass will work as an alternative to traditional wall tiles and will also decorate the table top in an original way. You can use it to protect and at the same time make furniture, walls and other interior elements more attractive.