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General Informatics LTD

We are cyberspace architects located in Szczecin and Gorzów Wielkopolski, specializing in independent design and promotion of .www sites for clients from Poland and Europe. Our interactive agency can share a large portfolio and a wide range of satisfied clients who praised our experience and the rapidly developing area of services.

On the IT market, we are perceived as a leader who is not afraid of difficult tasks and always completes the plans set by the clients we cooperate with, without fear of their difficulties. Learning various work procedures in the IT environment allows us to implement them effectively.

Our .www sites are primarily adapted to any screen. This ensures that they appear without any problems on electronic devices, such as tablets, laptops, and mobile phones, and of course on larger computers. What distinguishes us from others on the market is our use of the idea that shaping brand awareness begins with the first contact. Staying true to this principle gives us the opportunity to cultivate good relationships with our clients and provide excellent collaboration when designing their great website. Thanks to this, creating websites provides us with constant pleasure. Each new concept consistent with the current standards of the constantly developing web industry gives us satisfaction and the opportunity to develop. The joy of our clients and the fruit of our hard work makes us do more. That is why we can truly boast that after many years of experience in IT, our work is still a hobby for us. We strive to fulfill the tasks, choices and recommendations of customers, because they mainly contribute to our extensive experience.

Creating .www sites

We design, build and operate .www.websites. We offer a wide range of products, including short websites, as well as online stores, CMS systems and top-class .www applications.

Our speciality

We use the effectiveness of the Internet in a qualified and original way to advertise our clients' companies and platforms. Our websites are of top quality because we take into account the requirements of our clients from the beginning of the website to its finalization.

We not only design .www websites, but also maintain their positioning. Our multitasking ability allows us to establish ourselves as an interactive agency that offers clients wise and safe investments in websites.

What characterizes us?

What sets us apart is the wide range of services in which we specialize. Our websites do not differ in quality from products recommended by companies on the market. The websites designed by General Informatics are perfect in technical terms and programmed in a way that allows for comfortable use of SEO methods, which is also something we are developing.

Why is SEO positioning needed?

Google positioning is the optimization of websites in terms of search engines. Improving the position of websites by using SEO methods allows websites to reach a larger group of customers through high positions in search engines such as Yahoo.

What makes us stand out?

To begin with, our aim is to build a professional image of companies using the Internet. A good website shows the seriousness of the brand and business partners, but also improves the trust of potential customers.

In contact with clients, we are characterized primarily by individual behavior. Knowing the needs of the clients we work with allows us to design great websites. Our websites feature tools tailored specifically to the expectations of the brand and its customers, regardless of the brand or size of the laptop on which they are used.