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About us

It all begins in 2009, when we started producing and installing glass building and finishing materials. We observed how ordinary objects, apartments, houses, galleries and hotels completely changed their appearance after installing glass elements in them.

We noticed that glass is an incredibly beautiful and useful material with above-average durability. In the following years, we developed and gained experience in implementing more and less unique projects. And today we call ourselves glass experts, because we know how to use this material in dozens of ways.

We produce and install glass:

We surprise our clients:


A well-coordinated team of experienced specialists will not only carry out efficient installation, but will also lend a helping hand, advise and suggest the best solutions. Our friendly installers help us with special tasks, so we are able to complete even large and demanding orders. We perform work mainly in the vicinity of Szczecin, but if necessary, we will go to both Gdańsk and Berlin.

A comprehensive service and a diverse offer

We work for individual clients and companies. We do not have a standard offer, each product is designed and made from scratch to individual order. We combine glass with wood, steel and concrete, creating sophisticated elements with functional and decorative advantages. We deal with everything, i.e. we design, manufacture, install and service all types of glass structures.

The quality of completed works

The basic feature of our projects is above-average durability. This is because we only work with proven suppliers and use certified materials from the best manufacturers. This guarantees safe and long-term use.

Taking on unusual tasks

When others say "it's impossible", "it's complicated", WE come to the rescue. Believe us, we have seen a lot in our work, so we know that sometimes a professional approach is simply necessary.

Fast delivery times

We know you're pressed for time. Us too, which is why our priority is to complete all work without delays. Together we set deadlines and then stick to them.

100% meeting expectations

Let the quality of our work be proven by positive customer opinions. Check what others have written about us and see the projects we are most proud of:

  • Szczecin City Hall - Lacobel
  • Marshal's Office - Colored lacquered glass
  • Fountains - Water cascades in Międzyzdroje
  • WC Amphitheater Szczecin - Glass roof
  • Footbridges Basen Górniczy , Mercator - Glass roofs
  • Fountains between the Port Gate and the Garrison Church in Szczecin
  • Aleja Kwiatowa in Szczecin - Fire-resistant glass ceilings
  • Flower Avenue - Glass cubes
  • Netto Arena in Szczecin - Glass roofs
  • Netto Arena sports and entertainment hall - Mirrors, shower cabins
  • Poseidon - Mirrors
  • Dr Max Apteka - CH Turzyn
  • Turzyn Shopping Center - Glass balustrades
  • Columbus - Turzyn - Glass showcase
  • Zdunowo Hospital - Covid screens
  • DHL - Szczecin - Glass buildings, glass roof
  • BridgeStone - Glass roof
  • VASTBOUW - Glass structures, doors
  • Burger King Szczecin - glass roof
  • CH Kupiec - Glass building service
  • CH Turzyn - Glass development service
  • Library in Goleniów - Covid protection
  • Baltic Clif Niechorze Hotel - Glass balustrades, glass canopies, mirrors
  • Ostrowska Park - Glass canopies
  • Hotel Eberdin Świnoujście - Fire-resistant glass ceilings
  • Willa 777 Międzyzdroje - Glass walls, mirrors, glass doors
  • KFC Struga Szczecin - Glass roof
  • Manhattan Shopping Center - Gdańsk - Curved balustrade
  • Klippan - Glass roofs
  • Boatswain's Office Szczecin - Glass roof
  • Clock under the Castle Route - Protective glass with steppe
  • Amber Dent-Med - frontDesk glazing
  • School in Dobra - Mirrors
  • KK Wind Solutions - Glass walls
  • Klippan Stargard - Glass roofs
  • Mabo - Glass development - frontDesk
  • Trofana MIędzyzdroje - Glass structures, mirrors
  • TLS - Glass roof
  • Pax - Glass roofs
  • Pigment - Glass roof
  • Budolux - Baniewice - Balustrades
  • Ampio - Glass construction

Stages of implementation of glass structures

  • The client contacts us by phone - The client contacts us by phone, expressing interest in creating a glass structure.
  • Please provide a photo of the place where the element/structure is to be mounted, a description of what is to be located there and dimensions - We ask the customer to provide photos of the place where the element/structure is to be mounted. We also require a description of what is supposed to be there and dimensions. The customer should also provide the installation address (the price depends on this) and telephone number to facilitate contact
  • We make a calculation and send it to the client - Based on the information and photos provided, we start calculating the costs and technical parameters of the project. We then send the quote to the client.
  • If the client agrees, we sign a contract and then we go to the client to measure. - If the client accepts our quote, we sign a contract and arrange a visit to the client to precisely measure the installation site.
  • The next stage is to create a design and send it to the client - Based on the collected measurements and the client's specifications, we start creating a design of the glass structure.
  • We make corrections to the project in accordance with the client's suggestions and send the final project to the client for approval - After completing the project, we hand it over to the client for his assessment. If the client has suggestions or corrections, we add them to the project and send it again for approval.
  • The entire glass structure goes into production - After obtaining the project's approval from the client, we proceed to the production of all elements of the glass structure.
  • Assembly - After completing the production of all elements, we start assembling the glass structure at its destination. After completing the assembly, we carefully check the structure to make sure it meets all the requirements and is safe.
  • Service - We are available to the client after the project is completed to provide help and support as needed and to ensure long-term satisfaction with our services.

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