General warranty conditions for glass products


The table shows the scope of warranty for individual types of products offered by Glassio.

Product Warranty scope Standard Comments
Insulating glass 2 years warranty for tightness PN-EN 1279* *until the introduction of CE marking according to the PN-B13079 standard
Multi-layer glass (laminated) 2 years warranty for maintaining adhesion (except for the marginal strip 50 mm wide from the edge of the holes) PN-EN 12543 *in the case of installation in a very humid environment, the width of the strip not covered by the warranty is 100 mm
Tempered glass (ESG) 2-year warranty on glass parameters regarding safety - defragmentation, mechanical strength PN-EN 12150
Tempered enameled glass 2-year warranty on the mechanical strength of the enamel PN-EN 12150 *does not apply to glasses with an anti-slip layer

General thoughts:

1. The warranty covers products used in civil engineering in accordance with their intended purpose, the installation of which was carried out in accordance with the principles of proper assembly (see general recommendations).

2. The warranty begins upon delivery of the glass /installation at the Buyer's place.

3. All defects must be reported immediately after they are discovered, no later than within 2 weeks from the date of delivery/installation.

4. The warranty expires if the products have been processed, changed, damaged or improperly stored or installed.

5. Glassio's liability under the warranty is limited only to the delivery of products made in accordance with standards in place of the original delivery in Poland, excluding all other costs. Liability also applies to the assembly of goods ordered in accordance with the individual quote.

6. Any deviations from the above rules must be agreed with Glassio and must be in writing.

7. The standards quoted in the table are available for inspection at the company's headquarters.