General recommendations for installation, assembly and maintenance



1. Protection of the glass edges against moisture - mounting frames should be designed to ensure constant ventilation of the glass edges and prevent the accumulation of moisture or water.

2. Protection of glass edges against direct UV radiation - applies to insulating glass units sealed with polyurethane or polysulfide and the edges of multi-layer glass. The edges of these products should be permanently built into the frame.

3. Protection against chemical agents - the assembly materials used (e.g. silicones, washers, gaskets... etc.) should be neutral towards glass, PVB foil and insulating glass sealants. The recipient should be assured by the supplier of these materials that they are neutral in relation to the components contained in the products offered by Glassio.

Technical information about the components used is available at the company's headquarters.

4. Protection against mechanical factors - the structure in which the products will be installed Glassio recommends installing glass in structures that have technical approval.

5. The structure and other decorative elements may disturb the properties of the insulating glass, for which Glassio is not responsible.

6. Muntins and other decorative elements may disturb the properties of the insulating glass, for which Glassio is not responsible.

7. The installation of capillaries and other devices in the insulating glass structure excludes the guarantee of the tightness of the glass. The installation of these devices is the sole responsibility of the ordering party and requires written agreement.

8. Glass storage - all products should be stored in dry, ventilated rooms. In the case of storage on a construction site, products should be effectively protected against atmospheric factors (especially sun and humidity) and mechanical damage. Products on the stand should be separated with spacers to prevent the glass surface from leaching in the event of moisture. In addition, glass placed and protected on a stand exposed to the sun (or other source of thermal radiation) may crack due to heat accumulation and glass expansion.

9. Glass cleaning - use soft, non-sharp materials to prevent damage to the glass surface. Use generally available cleaning agents intended for glass. Details are described in Annex 5 "General instructions for cleaning glass surfaces". Some products may have additional restrictions or indications.